Microsoft Game Studios family has the same project diversity as Sony, says Lobb

Microsoft Game Studios creative director Ken Lobb has discussed the nature of the Xbox family of developers in a new interview, stating that the collective that includes 343 Industries, Black Tusk, Turn10 and more makes for a strong hand.

TomShoe3702d ago

It's not that I don't believe him, it's just that their track record pre-Xbox One doesn't lie. They were doing great during the 360's launch years, but do you remember the last Microsoft-funded, AAA new IP that was widely successful?

Alan Wake, back in 2010. Sony has come up with so much more since then.

christocolus3702d ago (Edited 3702d ago )

They had some diversity last gen but not quantity i.e Halo, viva pinata, kameo,crackdown, lost oddysee, blu dragon, gears, forza, alan wake, fable. I think thats something Phil is trying to correct this time around .with ryse, forza5,dr3, ki, project spark, d4, sunset overdrive,zoo tycoon, quantum break (all in the first year). Those games all cut across various genres and i think at e3 we will see even more genres i.e new action adventure games, platformers and maybe some rpgs.

wardestroyr3702d ago (Edited 3702d ago )

Developed by 1st Party:

Viva Pinata
Project Spark

Developed by 2nd/3rd Party:

Lost Odyssey
Blu Dragon
Gears of War
Alan Wake
Dead Rising
Killer Instinct
Sunset Overdrive
Zoo tycoon
Quantum Break
State of Decay
Forza Horizon
Halo Anniversary Edition
Project Gotham Racing

Kinda puts things into perspective.

christocolus3702d ago (Edited 3702d ago )

That doesnt change my point. They had some diversity last gen and your list proves it.it doesnt matter if its 2nd or 1st party cos 85% of those ips are owned by MS and are exclusive to xbox.which means MS can churn out sequels when ever they feel like it. Hasnt sony done similar with insomniac, quantic dreams,fromsoftware etc how ever you wanna look at it they are exclusives.

Also MS has an internal ki team at redmond they co developed ki with double helix and playground co developed horizon with turn 10.

wardestroyr3702d ago (Edited 3702d ago )


I agree somewhat about there being diversity, but this emanates primarily from 2nd/3rd party studios.

But, Ken Lobb should not be comparing their output with Sony. It's laughable considering the lions share of SCE IP are developed internally - quite the opposite of Microsoft.

It's easy to claim diversity when blank cheques are being thrown around at external developers.

devwan3702d ago

@christoculus "That doesnt change my point"

It kind of does, because the topic at hand is "Microsoft Game Studios family has the same project diversity as Sony".

-Foxtrot3702d ago

Here we go christocolus to Microsofts rescue

Oh and he brings up Phil Spencer as the game changer savior...how surprizing

Spin, spin, spin

wardestroyr has just owned you

christocolus3702d ago (Edited 3702d ago )


I agree with you on that fact but you should know that sony has more in house teams and MS just started expanding their studios a few years back. i think they will do alot better this time around too.


Lol.really?..Next time do try to add something meaningful and constructive to the argument/conversation. your comment is petty...grow up dude.

asmith23063702d ago

Vast majority of them games were early in the 360s life cycle. They took their foot off the pedal soon as Kinect was announced.

Pogmathoin3702d ago

Foxtrot, Christoculus put time and effort into his comments, you repeat the same crap every single time you comment..... A sneeze from you would be considered a breath of fresh air...... Please, bring a 'point' to the table.

Skankinruby3702d ago

As we are apparently listing both last gen and this one as well as unreleased games I can do that too.
God of War
little big planet
metal gear solid 4
white knight
mod nation
demons souls
valkyria chronicles
heavy rain
beyond two souls
the last of us
gran turismo
heavenly sword
dead nation
mlb the show
deep down
the order 1886
don't starve
tiny brains
and we both know that list can keep going but quite frankly my thumbs are tired. There's a little 'perspective' for you

Onenyte3702d ago (Edited 3702d ago )

People are disagreeing like your wrong or something......

I was sceptical about Spencer ever since last E3 when he was on stage, but he is getting his voice out there and making himself heard .Sony made the SAME mistake last gen and all Sony done to correct that nistake was to create a better portfolio of games to reassure it's fan base that there will be more to come .

I belive he is going to drop some bombs that's going to give the Xbox fan base something to look forward to .

-Foxtrot3702d ago


Oh sorry you dont like it when someone does it to you, yet you dont mind bashing other peoples opinions on other articles. See not nice is it


Oh come off it and he doesn't, theres only so many ways you can say "I love Phil Spencer, I believe he can do anything and will give us what we want".

He just writes longer posts to cover that and often repeats himself.

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EZMickey3702d ago

Actually the last AAA new IP Microsoft funded that was widely successful was Titanfall.

rdgneoz33702d ago

And next year the sequel is heading to the competition. The bad part about not owning an IP.

EZMickey3702d ago

Who cares? Fanboys do. That really wasn't the point otherwise.

djplonker3702d ago

Microsoft paid for last minute exclusivity they did not fund it that would have been ea.


titanfall was not successful.... as the game that would close the gap between the xb1 & ps4 got beat by spiderman 2 this week.

Boody-Bandit3702d ago (Edited 3702d ago )


How can anyone suggest TItanFall was successful? None of us know how much MS paid for exclusivity, marketing and how many copies that they purchased from EA to bundle with the XBOX ONE.

It could've been in the tens of millions or hundreds of millions of dollars that they shelled out for that game. TF didn't move many consoles and overall it's not selling like most of big market games have in the past. MS might've lost a considerable amount of money on TF or possibly broke even. I doubt it was a success.

A success would mean them making back all the money invested and moving a substantial amount of consoles. So far that hasn't happened or MS wouldn't be so silent on the games numbers and overall impact. The question remains is whether or not TF will have legs. Time will tell.

On topic:
MS. Prove it.
You're past history in this industry says quite the opposite. Sony without question had more diversity in both quantity and quality last gen. MS fell off the map the last few years with the 360. So far I haven't seen a whole lot to think otherwise this generation from MS. But this gen just started.

E3 will be here before we know. Than we will see if this is for real or just MS, once again, with their heads in the clouds. I just hope if MS does do what they claim they will that they don't do most of it up front and than become stagnant a few years down the road like they did last gen.

malokevi3702d ago

16 unanimous disagrees for saying Titanfall was a successful IP that MS launched recently? lol. Oh boy...

Kayant3702d ago

True they did fund the competition of the project at the time EA not willing to fund the project for unknown reasons which give them the intial 13 month exclusivity before becoming a full MS exclusive around E3 but TF is not an MS IP in anyway.

EZMickey3702d ago

"In order to make the economics work and keep Titanfall alive, EA needed a first-party publisher to invest. Xbox was willing to step up and save the project, which turned out to be a wise bet." - http://fauxbuzz.com/2014/04...

To be clear, the only reason I brought this up at all was just to correct fellow user TomShoe that the last game funded by Microsoft was Alan Wake. I don't really care about exclusivity, hardware sales or any of that.

But when you lot see someone posting a comment that's against the grain, you go for the jugular just on defensive instinct alone.

Chill out.

UltraNova3701d ago (Edited 3701d ago )


You didnt even realize that you just proved the dudes point.

Meaning from 2010 to 2014 MS didnt provide their customers with anything 1st party, just one game one month ago.

That's almost 4 years of no 1st party support.

And to make matters worse Titanfall wasnt even released on the 360 1st or at the very least simultaneously with the xbox1 as a thank you to all those 360 customers who were by all means and purposes ditched by them in favor to the new system. (further read: see xbox to xbox360 transition)

So next time be more careful before you defend MS.

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GarrusVakarian3702d ago (Edited 3702d ago )

Yeah, but this article is talking about right now. Right now, MS has a lineup that is more diverse than the latter half of the 360's entire cycle. That says a lot.

I wouldn't say they are anywhere near as diverse as Sony's studio's just yet, but they have definitely improved. Games like Project Spark, Sunset Overdrive and D4 are welcome changes from the usual "dude-bro" action games that MS are known for.

Like they say, variety is the spice of life. MS getting more diverse, and Sony remaining as diverse as they have always been is great for gamers of all kinds.

Mikefizzled3702d ago

Anything by Swery is a welcome change to most games. His style is so off the wall its amazing. Can't wait for D4.

GarrusVakarian3702d ago


D4 doesn't look like my kind of game, but i welcome the diversity it brings to MS's line-up.

WeAreLegion3702d ago

Totally agree. They seem to be on the right track, as far as games go.

DoubleM703701d ago

Lukas you have said enough. Most of the folks on here are going on the later half of the 360 life span.

rainslacker3701d ago

I have to agree. MS is making it hard to ignore the X1 with the games line up they have. While some of the games you mention aren't MS 1st party, they obviously did what they have to to secure those games for their system.

I think that's where I diverge from this article though. MS studios isn't what I'd call diverse. I have to base this on last gen because I don't know much of what they are bringing for this gen yet. I don't currently see the diversity in their 1st party line up for the X1.

I'm hoping E3 will change that, because to me, if one wants to claim diversity in 1st party studios, they have to talk about 1st party games, not the 3rd party games that everyone here keeps mentioning.

Sony isn't out of the clear yet here either. While diverse historically, so little is known about what all their studios are up to right now. Again, a situation I'm hoping E3 will remedy.