New Dragon Ball Z Burst Limit trailer

Atari published today a new trailer introducing San Goku. Enjoy.

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SeanScythe4156d ago

The devs made a mistake, Goku's eye during super saiyan don't have the pupil. Only when he goes SS3 does he get the pupil. I can no longer get this game for such low level of details.

okcomputer4156d ago

If they were going to be true to the series, then most of the game would be spent charging up, talking about how powerful you were getting, but not actually fighting until about 7 hours in.

SeanScythe4156d ago (Edited 4156d ago )

lol that is very true bubble for you making me laugh.
I could see an online or splitscreen battle playing out like that.

Goku vs Vegeta
1 hour trying to convice the other player to join your side.
1 hour explaining why that desision to not join them is a bad idea.
2 hours powering up for the first character while the other just stands and watches.
2 hours powering up for the second character while the other just stands and watches. (In Shock that they are just as powerful)
1 Hour talking about your history waiting for this moment and how you have spent your life training.
Finally the first punch it thrown and then they talk about it and how it felt to have never been hurt like this before and how you may be a worthy opponet after all.
The timer runs out and the match is a draw because that first punch didn't count because you just wanted to see how strong they are.