Rumors: PS4 1st Party Exclusive has “Killer Graphics” and Eastern Influence; Halo info and More

Rumors about upcoming PS4 exclusives have been following one another lately, and there’s another interesting one coming from industry insider Ahsan Rasheed, who has also something for Xbox One fans in the form of new Halo info and more.

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XiNarutoUzumaki3429d ago (Edited 3429d ago )

Playstation Exclusives have always had ''Killer Graphics.'' This shouldn't be a rumor

blitz06233429d ago

Oh yeah for sure. Ratchet and Clank games always had killer graphics

XiNarutoUzumaki3429d ago (Edited 3429d ago )

R&C on PS2 looked stunning; Tools of Destruction and a Crack in Time look phenomenal too.

Do you think that "Killer Graphics" only apply to realistic graphics?

Neonridr3429d ago

XiNaruto - apparently that always seems to be the argument against Nintendo games. Mario 3D World looks beautiful, and MK8 looks simply awesome.

Panthers3429d ago

I think people are starting to like stylized graphics more and more since realistic graphics age very fast and after a few years looks dated. Meanwhile, stylized graphics never age or age much slower. Wind Waker will always look stunning, as will R&C.

Dont get me wrong though, I like my realistic graphics too. But Ill take a great art style over realistic any day.

GameDev13429d ago (Edited 3429d ago )

Did you just compare Insomniacs artistic approach to their games compared with games that are made with a more realistic approach???

Not every game company wants the great realistic graphics approach for their games.

I guess you are also going to call out Sunset Overdrive for not having killer graphics

Hell even flower looked amazing

iDadio3429d ago

The attempt at sarcasm comes off as blind unjustified ignorance.

TheXgamerLive3429d ago

If your using the term "Killer Graphics" then yes should mainly refer to realism or atleast something close. This is what the average gamwr would rhink, but i agree, even aome cartoony games can look incredible but killer rarely would describe it. Cept KI. Haha

tokugawa3429d ago

Lol dualshockers + thuway the shill = clickbait heaven

blitz06233429d ago

Heh when you say KILLER GRAPHICS you expect it to look godly. Like Uncharted/Killzone level. It's not about realism or whatever, but can you honestly say R&C games wouldn't look that good on another console

I was merely pointing out the original claim that every PS exclusive has killer graphics. If you say R&C games also have killer graphics then every Xbox game also has killer graphics. SMH fanboys

badz1493429d ago


Care to provide a platformer that has better graphics than R&C? None on the Xbox for sure and not just yet on the Wii U.

blitz06233429d ago

Having better graphics is subjective. And the point is R&C games were never about having "Killer Graphics". I could have easily said Infamous 1&2 which didn't have "Killer Graphics" and they are both PS exclusives, debunking the original statement that claims PS exclusives have always had it.

Or are you gonna tell me now those games had killer graphics? Don't get me wrong they had good graphics, but not "killer graphics".

Tell me people. when you read "Killer Graphics" does the first game that come to your mind is a game with animated graphics? Lol riiight. All of you who disagreed with me expect a game like The Order or Uncharted.

zeuanimals3429d ago (Edited 3429d ago )


Nobody's denying the fact that Mario 3D World looks great, but what people shouldn't do is say that it looks on par or better than something like inFAMOUS SS, which I've seen people do. In that case, Mario 3D World can't even compete.

Well, people can make that argument, but it's most likely subjective because what they're arguing about is art style.

alexkoepp3429d ago

Halo is just sounding better and better. Open world doesn't sound too promising in terms of what it is going to look like graphically, but 343i winning best graphics with Halo 4 makes me think they'll do a stellar job on vastly more powerful hardware. Likely a strong GOTY contender. Sooooo glad bungie gave up on halo, with as boring as the destiny game play videos have been lately no doubt Halo 5 would have been a massive letdown in their hands. Thank you bungie for moving onto other projects, best thing that has happened to halo since halo 1.

Delsin_Rowe3429d ago

Hey if people think is a killer graphic then they are entitle to it since it's a opinion but it doesn't mean you have to come here in this article and just being sarcastic. Ratchet and Clank have Killer graphics as a platform since you can't compare platformer with uncharted/ killzone which it doesn't make sense. You may be old in N4G but it doesn't mean you have to be a partypooper. It's like comparing Mario with Metal Gear Solid Ground Zerous graphics and they are two different type a game Mario is cartoonic while MGS GZ is realistic. Tearaway have killer graphics, Mario 3d world have killer graphics, killer graphics could be with cartoonic and realistic games.

Maxor3428d ago

Lair and Haze had "Killer Graphics" too.

S2Killinit3428d ago

They sort of did, especially for the genre

UltraNova3428d ago


I second everything you said. I mean look at Okami or Killer 7! I would still pick up and play them to this day and not once think what the hell am I doing playing this dated looking game I played before? (I even thought about this yesterday when I played like 5 minutes of MGS4 on my dusty ps3).

SO yeah I love stylized games like borderlands and the like the only one I didn't enjoy much though was the last Prince of Persia game...

andrewer3428d ago

Donkey Kong Country (1/2/3) have killer graphics.

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nealane3429d ago

i agree their exclusives have always had killer graphics so theres no real surprise their I' mean look at deep down even if it is third party its currently imo the best looking console game out their at the moment and i hope that the jrpg xbox exclusive is lost odessy 2 for xbox 1

Jazz41083429d ago (Edited 3429d ago )

Its a rumor as the information provided in the dualshockers article is based on rumors with no facts. As far as playstation games always having the best graphics or exclusives that is also subjective and not a fact. So yes rumor would be exactly where this belongs. Lastly why would people concern themselves more with graphics over gameplay?

showtimefolks3428d ago

sony's 1st party always delivers on killer graphics. not new news

3425d ago
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WeAreLegion3429d ago (Edited 3429d ago )

Well, yeah. Probably...

"described as better than what we’ve seen with Ubisoft’s Snowdrop’s engine, and that’s definitely a tall promise."

Agreed. Matching The Division would be an accomplishment.

Dark113429d ago

exclusive JRPG for X1? nice!

jnemesh3428d ago

Amazing what you get when you have a corporation buy off a developer!

Volkama3428d ago

Works for me, I like amazing things.

DigitalRaptor3428d ago (Edited 3428d ago )

If it doesn't sell like hot dog poop, I will be quite surprised.

If some of the bigger PS3 JRPGs didn't sell massively, and an established franchise like Final Fantasy sold as follows on the 360: FFXIII (2m), FFXIII-2 (0.7m) and Lightning Returns (0.15m), I don't think a new JRPG IP would do too hot.

If it's Lost Odyssey 2, then it has a chance, but should be interesting to see what they come up with regardless.

imt5583429d ago

Well, we saw Killzone : SF, and especially InFamous : SS how they look.

ScareFactor3429d ago

But the gameplay for both of those games are mediocre

Skips3429d ago (Edited 3429d ago )

Mediocre? Like that half content COD with mechs that's disappointing to everyone? http://www.amazon.com/Titan... And if the gameplay for Infamous is mediocre, Ryse's gameplay is complete trash (a game hyped for it's graphics). lol