22 Brand-New Mario Kart 8 Screenshots To Die For

Now that the “secret” Mario Kart 8 Miiverse community has been outed, Nintendo employees and select members of the media — whom currently have full access to the game — have been tearing up the tracks and sharing a slew of gorgeous, high-definition Mario Kart 8 screenshots that they’ve captured along the way.

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Moonman3189d ago

This game is eye candy. :)

BattleN3189d ago

Was checking Sonic ASRT vs Mario Kart 8 and found that MK8 has better lighting as well as keeping a consistent art style throughout.

Heisenburger3189d ago

Simba, it's to DIE for...

And I'll see myself out... :/

CaptainYesterday3189d ago

This game looks amazing can't wait to get my hands on it :)