Five Months Later, Some Xbox One Territories Still Missing Voice Commands

On November 22, 2013, Microsoft launched the Xbox One in 13 territories. Every single unit sold included a Kinect camera (with installed microphones). Three of those territories still do not have access to voice commands.

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AceBlazer133132d ago

Hard cold fact is the majority of Xbone features are unavailable outside the US. Can't sell something like that and expect great sales. Even gwg on 360 requires a VPN to some xbox users outside the US.

Xdone3132d ago (Edited 3132d ago )

Bu..bu..but xbone is only in 13 countries lmaoooo!
At least, get voice commands to all those 13 countries first. Lol.

MegaRay3132d ago

I wont buy x1 untill they get ride of Kinect or make a great game for it.
I still remember when I bought ps move for PS heros and got disappointed, not gonna get hyped for a gimmick again.

chaosx3132d ago

crazy ah! been waiting since launch for this…..and they are about to launch it in more countries. The really harsh part is that if you turn your location to the US it works fine but you get locked out of the store.

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The story is too old to be commented.