Grimsquad: a surprise WIP from Guerrilla Games?

Although it has not been confirmed yet, we are quite excited to report (speculate?) that Guerrilla Games is currently developing a new title. We're quite sure it is actually something else and not Killzone PS3 as that is a whole different matter all together. The SCEI-acquired developer refuse to furnish details about the new game apparently because of the criticisms Killzone suffered from gamers.

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andy capps4447d ago

Sounds very interesting, kind of like Army of Two with the co-op play. Looking forward to more updates on this game. I think that Guerrilla is a good developer, they just pushed the PS2 to more than it was capable of on Killzone. That and I think people built it up too much as a Halo-killer. Either way, I'm looking forward to more news on Killzone PS3 or this game.