Mario Kart 8 US Bundle, Nintendo E3 Plans, Watch Dogs Wii U Now Main Focus - Week in Review 5/3/14

Saturday means it's time for the latest Nintendo Week in Review! Join Shawn Long of Nintendo Enthusiast as he checks out such hot news items as the Mario Kart 8 Bundle for the US, Nintendo's "Controversial" E3 plans, Watch Dogs for Wii U being the focus of UbiSoft now, and much more. We also review Child of Light and Smash Cat Heroes. As always be sure to stick around for the Super Mario Bros. Super Show Rap dance at the end!

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ptownjbo1681d ago

But is it good or bad that all the teams need to focus on the Wii U? Hopefully its a good thing.

wonderfulmonkeyman1681d ago

I would assume it's a good thing, since it means that the delay on that version will now potentially be shortened by quite a bit.
If we're lucky, they'll even learn enough about using the Wii U's different architecture, to be able to include every single idea they've thought up for other two new console versions, in terms of gameplay.

Heck, I'd even be willing to put up with slightly lower resolutions or whatever, if they think up some really clever ways of using that game pad. I had a blast using it on Deus Ex so I can only imagine what Ubisoft will be able to come up with.

SirNintend01681d ago

Deus Ex was a freaking masterpiece on the Wii U.

pkb791681d ago

I miss my old gold cartridge Adventures of Link

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