TITANFALL: Expedition-RUNOFF (Behind The Scenes)

Go behind the scenes with designer Geoff Smith as he talks about the creation of the upcoming Titanfall Expedition DLC map RUNOFF.

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Lord_Santa3322d ago

Wow does nobody care about the great Titanfall anymore? The hype was certainly not warranted.

creatchee3322d ago

Apparently you cared enough to comment.

On topic: a release date of the DLC would be nice.

hello123322d ago

Lots of people still play Titanfall on x box 1 not sure about PC. I expect a drop off players when Watch Dogs releases though.

The DLC needs to drop soon in May or people will spend there money on that

namEuser3322d ago

WHAT...i care about Titanfall still, and will for a good while. Thanks for the support Respawn! Keep it comin. 😊😊😊

namEuser3322d ago

This map looks kinda cool...

DLConspiracy3322d ago

I am looking forward to it. I like all the maps. Hopefully these will be good too.