Superman Returns DEMO available on XBLM

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xboxlj4448d ago

I have to wait 10 hours before I can go home and play it. Someone please post a review of it. How did they limit the demo?

Daewoodrow4448d ago

You are limited to an island off from metropolis. You have all the abilities, but they probably get stronger in the real game as you get experience. You can run or fly at superspeed, without "bullet time", so you have to be careful to take it slow or you'll fly/run into stuff. The d-pad changes your powers from freeze breath to heat vision to hurricane breath, the left trigger targets, the right trigger activates the selected power.
Attacking is easy, just press X, Y makes you fly or land, right bumper is super speed, left bumper is hover, and a makes you grab things to pick them up, including enemies. B blocks. Any combination of the face buttons pulls off a combo, and adding superspeed to an attack usually makes it stronger.

You can't be hurt, but the city can. Your attacks are destructive, and if you aren't careful you can do more damage to the city than the enemy does. If the city loses all its health you lose. If you run out of power, you can't use super powers. Power recharges, and the closer you are to the sky, the faster it recharges. You can fly VERY high, and if you fly for long enough without interruption, you go super sonic, with a very impressive sonic boom.

All the enemies I fought were robots, each with a different ability based on superman. So for example, one group had armour to withstand amazing amounts of damage, another moved at superspeed, but they were very breakable. I also put out a fire with my super breath, but there are many ways to do it, including dropping a water tank on it, or bringing a firetruck to the bulding.

Going to a problem in the city is indicated by a hazard indicator. Once you get close enough, the indicator activates, and the danger starts, so you'll have to deal with it if you pass by too close. If you don't get close, it isn't a threat.

If people get injured, you can pick them up and carry them to an ambulance, where they immediately get up and walk away, unhurt.
All in all, it would have been a really mediocre game, but the effects were awesome. You really feel powerful playing it, in a cheap thrill sort of way. I would have liked better reflexes during superspeed, even if it's limited, but you get sort of used to it. The superspeed battle was annoying though. Chasing a robot at superspeed without reflexes is difficult, alot of innocent people got hurt, mostly when I ran into them.

I would definitely buy this game just for a laugh when you're after some gratifying action when you need an adrenaline rush and also want to relax.

JPomper4448d ago

Cool man... thanks for the write up. I'll be downloading this when I get home.

xboxlj4448d ago

You gave a very good review. I am definatly going to get this game. Actually, believe it or not, I am more excited about this than I was for GoW.

gamer20084448d ago

im going to get this game just because its a superman game. i cant wait to unlock all the achivement points.

G_CodeMonkey4448d ago

Depends on price and if my kids want it for Christmas. It is kinda cool how you can grab a lot of the world objects and throw them, etc. Otherwise not impressed--it looks like a PS2 game. gCM

PS360PCROCKS4448d ago

You have to remember this game is huge, so the amount of textures and things are limited to what is it 80 SQ miles of game...I think this game is a kick in the butt, it's alot like the spiderman 2 game which I thought was awesome. But let's put it this way everyone is saying that gameplay over graphics and if that's so than the gameplay in this is certainly very fun

bumnut4448d ago (Edited 4448d ago )

i thought this game was very poor, the graphics are worse than blazing angels ( if thats possible ) and the game play is not much better, i will not be buying this game.

as for the comment about been more anticipated than gow, are you mental?

poor graphics even by ps2 standards and a choppy framerate.

not good enought ea