Massive Master Chief Halo 3 Screen

Bungie has released an extra high resolution of Master Chief in Halo 3. It's incredibly shiny if not a bit underwhelming.

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Columbo4450d ago

Holy crap! The game looks that good, and its still in its alpha stage? I can't wait to get the final game!

Funky Town_TX4450d ago

And this is coming from the one of the biggest halo fans. Halo was never about gfx. Halo2 was the best game on xbox, but it was not the best looking. Physics and gameplay is why I LIKE HALO.

Halochampian4449d ago

Acually... Halo has always been about the graphics.

EVER OLVERA4450d ago

Still way to early in the development to critizice how it looks. Plus, it's just one screen. We're better of giving a better judgment if we saw it in motion...

shotty4450d ago

I don't know what you guys are saying, this screen looks really nice. Check out master chiefs armor, its so detailed.

Silver Bull3t4450d ago

I didn't know Mjolnir Armor was made from concrete....

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