CCP Games Announces Project Legion - An Updated PC-focused Dust 514.

Project Legion, unveiled today at Fanfest during the Dust 514 keynote, is essentially a new CCP prototype, along the lines of EVE: Valkyrie at last year's show. In other words, CCP is gauging whether there's interest in Legion, which is a first-person shooter built for the PC.

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darkhitman3142d ago

the dust 514 community is ****** off right now project Legion is what dust should have been, CPP talk about how the idea for this game came while they worked on dust 514, that's because it is the same game. the community is wanting reassurances that they can migrate there characters to legion and be given some kinda recognition for there time sent playing dust for the past 2 years nearly which feels like a long term beta test for legion now

hellzsupernova3142d ago

How big is the DUst 514 community now though?

Tried to play it but I could not get into it it felt too clunky is the word i want to use.

darkhitman3142d ago

not big enough, now a move to pc is not bad but what we are being told is that everything that dust was going to get it is now not getting but legion is, players have been spending money on the game for a year now but if we want to play the game we where promised we are going to most likely have to leave it all behind that time investment and real money investment.Anyone that see this know how FF XIV handled the rebirth.
O and the forums are being heavy moderated a saw a friend be band for suggesting that the community should speek out publicly on sites like this

DeadlyFire3142d ago

Dust 514 has decent numbers or it would be driven into the grave. I expect it to last at least 3 more years on PS3. Legion could take over for it on PC and PS4 and any other platform it lands on.

I think Legion could be true to the form of the vision they represented when they showed off Dust 514 for the first time. I expect it to come to PC, PS4 and possibly XB1. Although its to early on to know exactly.

hellzsupernova3141d ago

@deadlyfire i Dont think it will come to XB1 there policies is what kept Dust 514 off the platform.

starchild3142d ago

It sounds like it could be good.

DeadlyFire3142d ago

Dude. Its just the next gen version of Dust 514. On PC, PS4, XB1? Even in the interview they mention PC first as the platform. So it sounds very much like Sony's strategy with SOE titles. PC version launches first then the console version gets built after.

hellzsupernova3142d ago

I hope it plays better than Dust and is not pay to win. They would really benefit from that.

My_Name_BTW_Is_Dante3142d ago

I don't see why they even bothered announcing this. They're just going to cancel it anyway.

Tony-Red-Grave3142d ago

Sad thing is if they don't follow through with EVE legion then there's no consoles market to go back to in dust since they just royally shafted their dust fanbase.

lemoncake3142d ago

Like dust this has alot of potential if they go ahead with it, hopefully its a case of second times the charm.

SaffronCurse3142d ago

Completely understand the frustration. Feels like all those hours put were a waste.

Tony-Red-Grave3142d ago

Some guys starte way before open beta came out and stuck around through all the terrible and good updates hoping dust would live up to it's vision. They've put more than just mere hours and a few dollars into this game. Imagine how ripped off alot of those guys feel :/ especially since as of right now there's no character transfer between dust and legion even though they share the same exact vision.

darkhitman3142d ago

more concrete information on character transfer is what's needed, Legion looks and sounds like the game I was sold on and i want that to happen but dust players should not be forgotten

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