The death of my very first PlayStation 4

Darryl Linington from ITF Gaming writes: Let’s face it, nothing lasts forever; however, when you spend a marginal amount of money on a product you kind of expect said product to last longer than 4 and a half months.

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1OddWorld2539d ago

E3 needs to hurry up and get here. N4G is becoming very stagnant with no news articles like this one.

Venemox2538d ago

After E3 we will get 10 screenshot articles just like with Infamous and The Order

alexkoepp2537d ago

My ps4 didn't die but I did put it back in its box coffin and into the closet, that console needs some games already, id say e3 is just around the corner but we don't get games at e3, someone needs to start making games for the summer already

GuruMeditation2537d ago

@alexkoepp hmm... trolling AND off topic... you going for some sort of combo? PS4 has plenty of games, either that or I've been hallucinating whilst staring at a black-screen for 5 months :/

PaulKersey2537d ago

@alexkoepp Sounds like your PS4 needs to come out of the closet, and you should follow its lead.....

Flutterby2537d ago

Odd that you say that Alex"thetroll"koepp because the ps4 at this very moment has more games than the competition and also has more announced games coming this year.

FunkMacNasty2537d ago

These people trashing Alexkoepp for saying he's bored with his playstation 4...smh... Some people are so indoctrinated by Sony it's rediculous. You people sound like you're straight out of the Jonestown cult or something.. Seriously, there's not enough great games for the ps4. Unless you want to play tomb raider HD, Killzone, BF4, and knack along with a bunch of half lame indie games. I didn't buy a ps4 for charming retro-style platformers - That's what the Wii is for.

xander707692537d ago (Edited 2537d ago )

It's true, there aren't very many games out right now. Everyone takes that statement as if it's some sort of promotion for the Xbox one and/or an attack on the ps4. But the fact is there aren't very many games out, and of the few that are available not many are desirable to me. I got infamous second son and ground zeroes and IN MY OPINION both games were a bit disappointing.

Anyways the only game in the near future I see myself getting is watchdogs and I'm really hoping it lives up to the hype. Until then I'm playing last gen because at least there's a selection of games I want to play.

Dead_Cell2537d ago

Fact is, there aren't many games worth playing right now on all consoles, and I doubt any of them are truly worth investing in a newest-gen console for. Maybe I've grown up since last gen or maybe I'm looking at its early releases with rose tinted glasses but so far this generation just feels like it's going through the motions.

chaos-lockheart2537d ago


There might not be games you like, but there are lots of games out there on PS4. Unless you rushed every game there is.

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choujij2538d ago

Wait... Someone's PS4 broke and they made an article about it?

marloc_x2538d ago

It should have an external power brick..

hiredhelp2537d ago

Why sony never EVER made any console needed eternal power unit unlike some even xbox 360 first series had a Brick that never helped system from failing.

Listen when you mass produce in the millions small % are going to have faults why we have standard warrantee.

choujij2537d ago (Edited 2537d ago )


Hate to break it to you Marloc, but 99% of all home-theater electronics have internal power supplies, including but not limited to, TVs, Amplifiers, Set top boxes, HTPCs, Bluray/DVD players. Even the original Xbox had an internal power supply.

Instances where PSUs are external, are usually devices small by design (usually for mobile applications).

modesign2538d ago

dont you like the COD AWF breakdown from joe nobody.

Matt6662537d ago

not that I saying he lying but he just written an article about his "experience" with no actual proof like a video etc

tgunzz2537d ago

I guess N4G is realizing that they overused all their high quality flame bate... Now they are using the material that didn't make the cut.... Pathetic... They don't have much gaming/software info, because that takes effort..

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MrSwankSinatra2539d ago

My PS4 disc drive crapped out on me after only 5 months. You can unplug the power for five minutes and plug it back into the system the disc drive should work, though it's only a temporary fix, it'll eventually do it again. It's random at times also. You can do the method and get the ps4 to work and then five minutes later it'll pop the disc out the drive by itself. Sometimes you do it and it wont have an issue for weeks. I have to get my ps4 replaced, though i prepared for issues like this, i have 4 year insurance on my ps4, gotta love best buy.

ITFGaming2539d ago

I have to admit that warranties and insurance are much needed these days... especially when it comes to costly electronics.

Sharky2312538d ago

I had the disc popping out problem. I reinitalized from the safe made and mines been fine ever since. If you have ps plus then you get all your data back. See if that fixes anything.

AsimLeonheart2538d ago

Feel sorry for you bud. That is why I dont buy consoles within the first year of launch. I suffered enough for a lifetime with my launch PS2. There is no official support, warranties or insurance in my third world country so it is even more of a risk buying expensive electronics.
Just imagine you spend your three month's salary on buying a new console and a couple of games (per capita income is very low over here), only for your console to die within the first year. There is no warranty, there is no official support, and nobody knows how to repair it. You just blew your three month's salary on a dead machine. Just try explaining that to your wife when she asks for money for kitchen/groceries or shopping. O_O

chaos-lockheart2537d ago


If you can get a PS4 in your so called 3rd world Country you can definitely get a replacement. Just return it to where you buy it. Unless you're dealing with black market gangs.

AsimLeonheart2537d ago


:-) I see it is very hard for someone living in the first world to comprehend third world problems. No offence, I was just amused.
It does not works that way. The shopkeepers do not take responsibility for a faulty product and they let you know prior to sale that there is no warranty. None of the Big 3 launch their consoles in my country so everything is unofficial. The PS4 was being sold over here for equivalent of $900 at launch and even now it is being sold for more than $500. Sony does not even have an office here so there are rules or regulations.

Aghashie2538d ago (Edited 2538d ago )

Same here w my unit. The disc pops out by itself and then the drive won't take it back. W help of a friend I fully dismantled the unit. Surprisingly we found dust inside. I keep my unit clean and vacuum the vents at least once a week and still it is not enough to prevent dust getting inside.

Well, to keep the story short. We found the problem was the eject button itself. We did continuity test on the dismantled button to find it was constantly open. After a trough cleaning and static descharging the button was working again. We assemble back the unit and presto!

I purchase online some rubber port covers to shield unused ports (like frontal usb) from dust when not in use. I also now clean my system every day before bed. The problem seems to be gone for good and I am not sure, but I think dust was the culprit here.

I don't recommend to no one dismantling the PS4. That will get ur warranty void and u need some tech skills to navigate ur way on its guts without causing any damage. So, don't do it.

Also on the side note. I have heard of people discarding DualShock4 controller after attempting to self-repair or mod the controller. The mayor problem is the touch pad inoperable after assembling the DS4 back.

If that happens to u, ur controller is not damaged, just improperly assembled.

Open the controller again and this time force open the touch pad itself. Don't worry, the thing is holding together w a reusable friendly glue. When open, the terminal for the flat (white) line is exposed. Push the flat line to its rightful position and reassemble the touch pad. Now put the whole thing together being carefull no to pull that annoyingly short flat line. If u pull it a little you may need to open the touch pad again.

Hope this help anyone w a dead touch pad on a self-opened controller. Don't throw it away. It's fixable :)

IRetrouk2538d ago

To fix the disc poping out all you have to do is tighten the screw in the hard drive bay, its lose which is why the disc comes out itself, waaaaay easier than having to take the whole console apart.

modesign2538d ago

did you try swearing at it.

Aghashie2537d ago

@ iretrouk

Didn't knew about that. But I am %100 positive that the eject button was malfunctioning at the time we dismantle my unit.

The switch was "open" when we read w a voltimeter. That means that button was behaving as always pressed.

Anyway, thaks for the tip :)

IRetrouk2537d ago

Oh ryt lol i dont think I read your first comment right, at least there are fixes out there for all these little faults :-)

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JoseV762537d ago

Hmm, weird people writing about this stuff because my PS4 drive starting to make crazy noises, maybe I should I should call Sony.

Muzikguy2537d ago

I was watching baseball one day and my PS4 scared the crap out of me by turning on all by itself and popping out the disc inside. I know others have said just tighten the screw for the HD bay or whatever but I did the opposite. I loosened mine and its been fine ever since

The_Devil_Hunter2537d ago

GUYS GUYS. For anyone having this problem.I had this issue for days and it is not a software problem. It is a hardware problem. The problem lies next to the eject button. Behind it their is the rubber footy that holds the PS4 still while horizontal. All you have to do is clean that area of the eject button and pull the rubber piece away from the button. The problem lies on the rubber hitting the touch button. I can confirm this worked for me.

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KinjoTakemura2539d ago (Edited 2539d ago )

A few days after I got my ps4 I had problems powering up the system, but I followed the troubleshooting directions, reset the console and everything works perfectly now. Sony hasn't hidden the fact that the PS4 has a 1 percent failure rate. It's a machine, stuff happens.

killzone6192538d ago

"1 percent failure rate"

the fanboyism is strong in this one

DoesUs2538d ago

One bubble, the fanboyism is even stronger in this one.

KinjoTakemura2538d ago

Do some research before you post.

extermin8or2537d ago

it does have about a 1% failure rate.... but I'm assuming the xbox one has a similar failure rate AND considering the fact the expected rate for consumer electronics is 15% I'd say anything as low as 1% is pretty good...

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theXtReMe12539d ago (Edited 2539d ago )

This is a nice story and goes to show Sonys commitment to gamers. It's nice they have their staff taking care of their customers, even in the worst of situations. Customer service means everything to anybody who's experiencing difficulties with their product. It can turn a bad situation into a positive one, if the staff just smiles and try to make that customer feel better. It's something I try to make my employees understand and something that goes a long way into creating future repeat business as people know they can depend on you, even if something should go wrong. They know you're going to fix it and make it all better.

Thank you for posting the story. It's nice to see positive news every once in a while on top of all the negativity that tends to happen around here.

ITFGaming2539d ago

Always a pleasure and thank you for the epic comment.

Imalwaysright2538d ago

From my experience with Sony's costumer service I have to disagree. Still waiting for a replacement of my Oblivion disc that got stuck when my PS3 fat Ylod on me 4 or 5 years ago.

SoulSercher6202538d ago

Sony doesn't have to replace games that get stuck due to YLOD, especially if the console no longer under warranty. You were waiting for something that will never happen.

extermin8or2537d ago

phone them and ask what happened to it? When a gme of mine got stuck in my Ylod ps3 I had to wait 6 weeks ish but sony sent the disc back...

Imalwaysright2537d ago

The console was under warranty (2 year warranty on every consumer electronics in my country) and when I called them to send my PS3 I told them the game was stuck and they told me step by step what I had to in order to get it back. It took a month to get my new PS3 but apparently it takes them 5 years to send something that isn't their ->property<-. What makes you think that they don't is beyond me.


I called them 5 or 6 times and even talked to the manager but every time I called, somehow they didn't have my request on their system. Those parrots were so incompetent that I eventually gave up.

Muzikguy2537d ago

That's crazy man. I guess if I was that worried about a disc that got stuck I would have just gotten a new one by now. They're pretty cheap

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GameDev12538d ago

Great job from Partserve, are they partners with Sony in South Africa or just a repair IT company??

ITFGaming2538d ago

They pretty much handle all the repairs for Sony, Canon, Lenovo and a few other companies.