Defender today's new Xbox Live Arcade game

Major Nelson announced that the classic side scrolling shoot-'m-up game Defender will be today's new Xbox Live Arcade game. The game was first released in 1980 and will now make its debute onto the Xbox 360.

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Ravenator5294452d ago

Xbox turns 5 today and we get defender!

Like I said, GAAAAAAAY!

Sphinx4452d ago

...for a 5 year anniversary we should've gotten something a lot better than that.

Silver Bull3t4452d ago

This wasn't released as some happy anniversary present.. this is just the typical Wednsday Arcade game... why are you guys pissed?

G_CodeMonkey4452d ago

I've been waiting for some quick Defender action in hi-def... Soon to download and play... I wonder if/how the on-line is... gCM