Xbox One will cost $820 in China

The Xbox One is officially coming to China, but is it really going to be this expensive?

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Axios22941d ago

Premium products like:


have done well in China

So X1 should be fine

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christocolus2941d ago (Edited 2941d ago )


I hope they do really well over there but that price tag seems quite high especially when you consider the fact that they plan to win over a lot gamers.

i read somewhere that MS plans to manufacture the console over at china, if thats true then this aint right. The xbox one will be released at a very fair price in some of the 42 countries listed for the september launch.


LOL wtf?

do yourself a favor and google "Chinese counterfeit cars" super fast.

liquidhalos2940d ago

Did you watch the Top Gear episode where they showcased a few of those cars. What a blatant rip off. And damn was the fake mini ugly!

GTgamer2940d ago

So we compare consoles to cars now hmmmm

DJMarty2940d ago

Buick premium product

American cars suck as does X1.

Only thing X1 has in common with Buick is they both American and both suck.

Porcelain_Chicken2940d ago (Edited 2940d ago )

It would cost $720 without kinetic. JUST saying lol.

LexHazard792940d ago (Edited 2940d ago )

You suck!

quenomamen2940d ago

Buddy of mine had a 2005 Mustang and after 2 years the Gas Gauge stopped working as well as the Speedometer and if he let the car sit for more than 5 days it would drain the battery. Then he went out and dropped like $30,000 on a special edition Jeep that had major engine trouble after a year. Meanwhile my 03 Toyota is still running. Yea, Im not buying American cars, maybe a truck, maybe.

Gotcha52940d ago

Just imagine how much the PS3 would have cost if launch in China.

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TheSaint2940d ago

Different countries pay more or less for stuff, try living in the UK, we get screwed on everything.

THC CELL2940d ago

We live on a island most stuff imported get over it lad.

diehardmetallicafan2940d ago

man your being screwed by a small one compared to what we cop here in australia

calis2940d ago

Yeah, after travelling for the past 9 months, Australia don't get screwed as much as people wish.

Petrol is cheaper in Australia than most countries.
We earn more money and pay a little more on smaller stuff.

It's really only high priced products where the discrepancy is noticeable.

liquidhalos2940d ago


We cant exactly blame import charges when the vast expanse of water separating our island from the mainland is often swum across by pensioners for charity. Its not like sailing to OZ to Midway. Our inflated prices are courtesy of VAT, Tax and greed. Go Cameron! :(

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bobtheimpaler2940d ago

How is the Xbox 1 a premium product with the likes of Audi, Buick, Prada or Louis Vuitton? It isn't.

TitanUp2940d ago

no console is a premium product, that is crazy talk.

SirBradders2940d ago

Totally agree I would say a high end PC is a premium gaming device.

JustPlay42940d ago

UnbiasedOpinions: ps4 and Wii u are coming to China as well, just saying

bobtheimpaler2940d ago (Edited 2940d ago )

They're all already available in China. Anybody thinking this will be a boost to any of the consoles is kidding themselves.

Kids and young adults in China are too busy studying to play games. When people do play games, its PC MMOs or mobile games. And if were talking about console market share, Nintendo and Sony have far more equity than Microsoft across Asia. Never knew anyone excited by Microsoft unless it meant getting a job with them.

Nobody is going to want to pay for TV in China. Set top box market there is already saturated.

The comparisons to cars is ridiculous. Why the hell would they want a Buick when they got the money for more exquisite European cars that people actually want.

StoneyYoshi2940d ago

Buick and premium product should not be used together...

No_Limit2940d ago

from the article: "But the Chinese gaming media, citing an anonymous source, is claiming that the console already has a price: 4999 RMB (about $819)"

Misleading headline. We are not sure what the price will be yet but just a guess from another insider. It should be "Xbox One MIGHT cost $820 in China" andtnot WILL.

Flutterby2940d ago

From what i have heard from my pen pal in China , the xbone and ps4 are easily available at any electronics store anyway , so I can't imagine it will make a difference to any company "releasing" there be it wiiu xbone or ps4 if the people want it they can already get it easily, ask anyone in China that games and I can bet they know who sells them.

D-riders2940d ago

What???? Your comparing cars a basic need to video games . R u serious

Thatguy-3102940d ago

A console design for "American" lifestyle will not survive in the Asian regions. That's why the Xbox brand isn't big outside of the US. Yea it has it's strong presence in other territories but the console is built from the ground up to cater to AMERICANS

Lior2940d ago (Edited 2940d ago )

most people buy knock off cars that imitate those brands actually, also people in china don't care about consoles and pc is number 1 there

Magicite2940d ago

As long as Axios2 believes in this, X720 will do just fine even on Mars.

SoulSercher6202940d ago

Did you just call Buick a premium product?


Jazz41082940d ago

Did anyone read the article. Its a rumor and the article itself says it most likely will be much lower. In the long run it does not matter as people on here only see and here what makes them feel better about themselves. Its time to end this stupid fanboy crap and grow up.

Gekko362940d ago (Edited 2940d ago )

Something tells me that in china the brand recognition of Sony and the Japanese may not be the positive sales tool Sony thinks.

The relationship between Japan and China since 1937 has been tense to say the least, made even worse following the recent Japanese refusal to recognise the use of "Comfort Women" during the Japanese invasion of China during in the late 1930's.

That said the trade between America and Europe is pretty solid so it could be a goldmine for companies getting into China.

On Topic: To be honest, the middle class in China is very affluent, more so that any of the top 3 global economies. $800 not be anywhere close though MS will sell at a loss to get into China and lets face it the market there is MASSIVE.

nypifisel2940d ago

Cause the US is so well looked upon in china.. Please

Gekko362939d ago (Edited 2939d ago )

Compared to the Japanese, the Americans are Angels in China's eyes.

Don't get me wrong, Americans are viewed as insular, dangerous, intolerant morons by most of the world. Particularly regarding;

Foreign policy
The Republican party
Electing a subnormal president (Bush Jr)
War mongering etc. etc. etc.

However we are talking about The history between China and Japan, compared to the history between China and America

So the Oscar goes to Chinese / Japanese relations every time. Just look at 1931 - 1945, it's not a pretty picture.

osprey192940d ago

Considering the xbox will be one of a few gaming companies that will be able to legitimately sell their console in China, I think they will not only be fine but do very well. It's a large market with a large demand and because of the ban, not a lot of competition.

nypifisel2940d ago

That's applying western thinking to a universe where it does not exist. Neither console will do very well in China, PS4 might do a bit better due to price.

josephayal2940d ago

$820 is not bad for what this product can do. Xbox one is worth every penny IMHO

choujij2940d ago

The value of consumer goods is dependent on what people are willing to pay. It's struggling now at $499, and you think it's worth every penny of $820?

nypifisel2940d ago

lol good luck with that

MonstaTruk2940d ago

You're calling the Xbox One a "premium" product?! Is that what we're doing now?! When did THAT happen? :-/

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AKissFromDaddy2941d ago (Edited 2941d ago )

Its too expensive + any game(s) that promotes or incites obscenity, drug use, violence, or gambling is banned. It's over. It's dead-on-arrival.

mrpsychoticstalker2940d ago

If they can afford other American products such as iPhones (way more expensive) buying the very first Console in 14 years after the ban is affordable.

Xbox will do well in China.

AKissFromDaddy2940d ago

An iPhone is a mobile device anyone can manage their life on. A game console isn't.

This isn't a comparison of apples to apples.

An iPhone and game console are not equivalent. Right?

gigoran2940d ago

All except for the fact that people in china HAVE been buying consoles and games in the last 14 years. Maybe do a little research before making such bold claims.

"But but but they were illegal in China!"

And? Chinese still purchased them. Do your research!

KonsoruMasuta2940d ago (Edited 2940d ago )

You're right. Consoles were openly sold in parts of China, despite the ban. This legalizing doesn't help much.

Chinese gamers prefer MMO, MOBAs, and other games of the sort. Consoles don't have a great selection of these games. Plus, not many will be willing to pay the required fee to play online. Add that in with the Chinese censorship laws and (probably) the high price and it's a no sale.

China is and will remain a PC dominated market.

chazjamie2940d ago

trust me thats not the price. i live in china. you wont be paying that much.

Sarobi2940d ago (Edited 2940d ago )

Unless Microsoft goes out there and promotes it as a console that is opened to piracy.. they won't be interested. I don't expect any next gen console to do well in China unless Microsoft/Sony basically gives them special treatment and removes subscriptions, and a whole bunch of free games.