Ridge Racer 7 Graphical Errors On Playstation 3

Ridge Racer 7 seems to be doing some wacky stuff on the Playstation 3 as cars and environments alike are being scrambled during play.

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power of Green 5371d ago

Cell is unproven and the PS3 was rushed So Sony wouldn't loose in the market. PS3's a response.

Arkham5371d ago (Edited 5371d ago )

Bugs can affect any game, even Gears.

Look at the problems the 360 is having loading some textures in Gears.

From HardOCP:

"There were a few issues with Gears Of War that I am surprised have not been mentioned before. Aside from the minor stuff like getting stuck (literally) somewhere you weren’t supposed to be or an A.I. teammate not opening a door that he was supposed to, there was a larger issue that really needs to be addressed; texture rendering.
There are times in the game where it can take 15 – 30 seconds for textures to appear in various parts of the game. It only happens when a level is first loading but it is pretty annoying and looks awful. We are fairly certain this is not an isolated incident because the problem popped up on all three consoles we played on.

If that doesn't stop Gears from being a game of the year, I think we can overlook some minor release-game bugs.

Ravenator5295371d ago

Yes this is correct. I have experienced this while playing GOW.

Although in my experiences, it has only happened to me when I enter a multiplayer game as a spectator (waiting to play). I have yet to have the rendering issue while actually playing.

And it doesn't take 15 - 30 seconds either.

But anyway, this sort of thing happens to games.

We really don't know how bad or frequent it actually happens during the gaming process on Ridge Racer.

THWIP5371d ago

The EXACT SAME texture issues plagued parts of Halo 2....and it won GOTY honors.

That's right.....oh snap. :o

PS360WII5371d ago

Good follow up Arkham. All games have bugs, just how many people are going to flame about it is the issue

tatical5371d ago

These texture loading "problems" rarely occur, and when they do it normally takes 2-3 seconds (one time it took about 7 seconds though, that was the first time). It only happens when you die and your checkpoint is reloaded. I've played through the game and died... a lot, and seen them maybe 3 times.

THWIP5371d ago

...I've only had it happen during online play; I assumed it had to do with that. :o

Arkham5371d ago

Snap yourself. You're basically repeating what I said in my post. I already said GeOW was a game of the year; I was just reminding They Who Wear Blinders that nothing is perfect.

You're arguing simply to make noises. Don't be so negative.

power of Green 5370d ago (Edited 5370d ago )

Half the cars gone, this seems different than the console just being late loading textures. You dont need to tell me about GoW i own it. This is major. What the hells happening to the left of the car?, It's Ridge Racer not GRAW what about TGS?.

BRUTUS5370d ago

several days ago u was jedi but today you a solid xbot

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marionz5371d ago

Wow the graphics on ridge racer 7 on the playstation 3 really are better than ridge racer 6 on the 360, just look at the detail. you get to race half a car or bits of a car. you could not do that in ridge racer 6 on the 360, dam i guess I got the wrong machine. (lol)

TheMART5371d ago

So did the non unified cut up memory cut the screens in half?


Too bad guys. The Bottleneck 3 is here I guess. Enjoy non finished games that can't be fixed...

big_tim5370d ago

You know that this is quality control issue as with all the other games, such as GRAW, GOW, Halo2. They don't have enough time to test the games before release.

You of all people should know this. It has nothing to do with the hardware.

I have played GRAW and had worse crap happen then this that didn't go away. So should I say the 360 is crap? No, the programing is the problem.

Don't deny the truth.

TheMART5370d ago

I'm not denying anything.

We've seen the comparing from RR7 on PS3 and RR6 on 360. There we see the difference from 1080p and 720p. Less details, less rich, less colourfull.

In one word:


And that's the truth. Now face it and don't deny it

I haven't seen things like this in GRAW for sure

big_tim5370d ago

that this is the same issue with this game. All you need to realize is that it happens on 360 also. You spend to much time pointing the finger when the same is applicable for your "favorite" system.

Captain Tuttle5371d ago

Do this once in awhile. That's why the downloadable patch was invented.

Sphinx5371d ago

...and I don't remember a game doing that to me since... well, since my PS2.

Mr Murda5371d ago

I mean, this isn't what games are about in the "nest gen" arena. Lag is one thing or online glitches, but this is straight gameplay F ups.