Techland: We were strongly limited by old gen hardware in Hellraid

Techland explains why Hellraid was being held back by old generation hardware, while the transition to next gen will allow to overcome them.

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Festano3699d ago

Use the new graphics engine should, we hope for a good job to take advantage of new hardware console.

vlashyr3699d ago (Edited 3699d ago )

This looks like it can be very fun, cannot wait for the PC version.

Aurenar3699d ago (Edited 3699d ago )

The screenshots look nice for sure, and I love hack&slash games! Can't wait to try it.

TitanUp3699d ago

some cool videos on youtube showing this game off, im looking forward to it.

seriously i say that i love because im always looking forward to new releases and more games.

TheUltimateGamer3699d ago

I'm looking forward to what can be done with the new tech. We should be seeing a lot more companies starting to take advantage of it rather than depending on what they know.

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Techland Talks Dying Light 2 "Secret Formula" for Success, No Intention of Going Full Live Service

Dying Light 2 developer Techland talks about the "secret formula" to their games' success, and comments on how they see live service games.

UltimateOwnage87d ago

Good. Live Services are trash for the most part.

AuraAbjure87d ago

Rainbow 6 Siege from December 2015 is not even comparable to whatever that thing is today they call Siege.

banger8887d ago

Dying Light 2 was horrible. I played it at launch and it was a buggy and broken piece of shit. I didn't enjoy the game's locale either. They've released a ton of patches and updates for it though, and I'm somewhat keen to give it another chance. But the game left a horrible impression on me, especially seeing as how the first one was my favourite game last gen.


Techland's next chapter and the road ahead

Pawel writes: "Today I am happy to announce the partnership with Tencent who are in the process of becoming Techland's majority shareholder."

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SimpleSlave327d ago

"We will retain full ownership of our IPs, maintain creative freedom, and continue to operate the way we believe is right. I'm also going to continue serving as the studio’s CEO."

Unless it angers China and Winnie the Poop. Then I'm out of a job and we'll be fu...Ahem. Anyways. Please clap and be excited!

Thank you!

o( _ _ )o All Hail our Megacorp Overlord! Hail Hydra!!

Christopher327d ago

I question this stuff sometimes because it seems too good to be true. Same thing with Bungie. Is it really that they can make those decisions or can the owner, much like a Starbucks that just closes down a branch that attempts to unionize, truly in power and can just replace those with people that will just agree with them?

SimpleSlave327d ago (Edited 327d ago )

It's all PR talks. They're trying not to spook the fan base and partners for now. At the end of the day, owning the majority means Tencent has the final say. And they WILL crack down on Techland if they do anger the Overlords.

On the plus side, I'm sure Tencent will pass sweeping internal changes making sure this never happens. So no worries there...

P_Bomb327d ago

New open world fantasy action rpg is going well apparently. Been watching some Dying Light 2 endgame as well. We’ll see how it all turns out.

neutralgamer1992327d ago

Dead island 2 is a better game than dying light 2. So whatever you do please make more fun games

got_dam326d ago

I seem to be in a minority here... but... I really like dying light 2. Yeah, they neutered the night time scares but the overall gameplay was way better. And you can block without that shitty riot shield.

CoNn3rB326d ago

Same as you, I enjoyed my time with Dying Light 2, I don't think it was as good as the first one but it was a pretty good game overall.

There's a new update that is either out now or coming very soon that is supposed to reinvigorate the night-time sections of the game among other things. Might be worth playing again with that update as they've also added a lot of other QoL changes as well.

Masterchief_thegoat327d ago

china and winnie the pooh getting majority shareholder is not a great.