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The alternate-reality Chicago that Ubisoft's upcoming “Watch Dogs” presents is filled with dangerous criminals looking to take advantage of you. But some of the biggest threats that protagonist Aiden Pearce faces come not from within the streets of Chicago... but from your own real-life friends. “Watch Dogs'” innovative approach to multiplayer involves numerous nontraditional elements, including the ability to jump into other gamers' single-player campaigns and steal their powers. Yes, you can hack your friends.

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josephayal1635d ago

now this game is gonna be fun, cant wait to play on the Xbox One in full 1080p 60 fps

Ripsta7th1635d ago

30 fps and the 1080 inst confirmed yet

Edward751635d ago

Question... If multiplayer (one aspect) uses the Xbox smartglass, would you need a vita to do this on the PS4?

Edward751635d ago

Or is this mode exclusive to the Xbox one?

HugoDrax1635d ago

I own a vita, and it has an option for PS4 (remote play), and the 2nd option is called (Second screen). Anyhow, that's how you would probably use the second screen function for PS4? I have only used my vita for remote play, but it have used smartglass during plants vs zombies GW, RYSE, and Dead Rising 3 companion apps. Which work flawlessly now, but there were hiccups for DR3 during launch week.

Mutant-Spud1635d ago

Yay, another griefing simulator like GTA Online, internet assholes rejoice!