Atlus Teases Unannounced and Surprising Game in Development

Atlus has announced quite a few games lately, but looks like there’s even more in the pipeline, as mentioned by Composer Kenichi Tsuchiya

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MrSwankSinatra1685d ago

If it's a new Shenmue or Skies of Arcadia, i'll sh*t bricks

Rikitatsu1685d ago (Edited 1685d ago )

No thanks, the original Skies of Arcadia developers (Also Valkryia) are still at SEGA. No reason to outsource the IP to Atlus.

As for Shenmue, it's too much of an undertaking for Atlus.

AceBlazer131685d ago

Out source? Didn't Sega buy Atlus?

I just hope it's ps4 related.

Rikitatsu1685d ago

Yeah, they did.
I meant that the original Skies internal team is still there, so no need to give the IP to another developer. "Outsource" might not have been the best word.

vishmarx1685d ago

if its any jrpg on ps3/4
ill shit bricks.
tho smt just came and p5 is coming this fall .
has to be something really old or maybe a new ip.

Ghost_Nappa1685d ago

Please be Catherine sequel.

porkChop1685d ago

Please just be a good game for PS4 and/or Vita.

Baka-akaB1685d ago

Persona Karting ? (who am i kidding , even grudgingly i'd buy it)

pop-voxuli1685d ago

Hey, arc system works made Persona work in a fighting game format, maybe they could do just as good at a kart racer???

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