Battlefield 4 Server Rentals Now Available

Players can now rent Battlefield 4 servers everywhere, except on the Xbox One. Choices include, 1 day, 7 days, 30 days, and 90 days.

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Psychotica1632d ago

Just what I was thinking...

Crazyglues1632d ago (Edited 1632d ago )

So wait the game is still broke on PS4, but now you can rent servers..

-way to go DICE... Nice to see DICE so dedicated to making sure they fix the bugs.. Oh what's that you say, "this is not about that, we know the game is broke, this is about how can we make more money" Oh, of course, silly me.. LoL

So now I can not just play on an awful rubberbanding server, I can now also pay for it.. No seriously, actually pay for it.

-_- Seems like there should be some good news in there somewhere, but I can't seem to find it..

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Themba761632d ago

you know the lag is fixed right? I haven't lagged in 6 days flawless connection even on naval strike 64 players.

ramiuk11632d ago

i sold my launch copy as it was a mess,recently picked it up and its pretty much sorted now and even with the slight issues at times is still best FPS on next gen.

Dont get me wrong it doesnt make it right with what they done but its getting htere(190 days too late)
Server issues are a common thing with EA though,fifa is a mess online too and i expect they as rubbing there hands when MS said titanfall can use cloud

Ace Killa 081632d ago

You can pay for it... but you can't also so no one, especially DICE, is forcing you to rent a server to play. Besides the fix they did to the servers recently did clear up the rubber banding in naval strike. Now that does not mean it is gone for life or permanently, it's just less frequent.

the good news is now we can have a mix map servers and rotating game types.

LackTrue4K1632d ago

Lol....who will rent them?!?!?
Dame game keeps reseting it's self!!! Ever time I turn on my PlayStation 4, the multiplayer gives me info on everything!!!

Me/clan members would enjoy the game much more if it had less issues....

IVanSpinal1632d ago

Except on the Xbox One. yessss
Good news for now

I want the emblems Dice

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KinjoTakemura1632d ago

You can rent a server? So what about people who have paid for the premium option? LOL With all of the stories about everything wrong with this game, they have the nerve to charge people to rent a server?

Godz Kastro1632d ago (Edited 1632d ago )

EA/DICE are starting to rub me the wrong way. Supposedley they added servers for stability. Starting to sound like they added them for rentals as well.

So now when I select quick match I can get thrown into a custom server with all kind of rules and regulations. I can get kicked by the admin if I threw the wrong grnenade. If they have the audacity to announce BF5 at E3 I hope they get booed off the stage!!!!

ramiuk11632d ago

hehe, conquest games thaT LAST 5 HOURS and 2000 tickets,can use tanks but no rockets lol.

Godz Kastro1632d ago


Exactly, haha...

IVanSpinal1632d ago

This game is not noob friendly, thats why this game is not more famous

iKenny1632d ago

Do not support this because if someone does this would grow to other companies. Sad sad.

KinjoTakemura1632d ago

Exactly @ksantiago

If people keep buying this broken game, EA will release another broken game because they know they can get away with it.

asmith23061632d ago (Edited 1632d ago )

What's the fuss about? BF3 had rental servers, some were great, some were bad due to childish admins kicking people for no good reason. I was pretty incensed at the BF4 lag problems but they seemed to have addressed it for the most part, on PS4 anyways. There is still some rubberbanding while using jets but the ground game, even on large 64 player maps, seems solid so far. About goddamn time too. My BF5 purchase shall be deferred a few months at the least.

Godz Kastro1632d ago

You answered your own question brother,,,

"some were bad due to childish admins kicking people for no good reason".

I don't mind them renting servers; have at it. I totally disapprove of them incorporating those servers into quickmatch.

Put that crap on server browser or something. Keep my quickmatch on official dice servers. This way I don't have to hop in and out trying to find a normal game...

asmith23061632d ago

"I totally disapprove of them incorporating those servers into quickmatch" - I didn't know about this because I only play hardcore where you have to select a server. Yeah, that is bullshit.

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