5 Reasons Mario Kart 8’s Online Matters

Jose Otero - People have wanted more options and fun ways to play Mario Kart for years. With the latest installment, it looks like Nintendo is paying attention. We already posted some detailed hands-on impressions back in early April, but Nintendo recently pulled back the curtain on a few new details for its next big kart racer.

Baby Rosalina and Pink Gold Peach -- a counterpart to Metal Mario that’s totally pink! -- join the races of Mario Kart 8 along with two new items: The first is called Crazy 8, which is the spiritual successor to Mario Kart 7’s Lucky 7. The second is called the Super Horn, an item that emitted a sonic blast around my kart. This pulse can knock out other racers or ward off Green, Red, and Blue Shells. Nintendo finally has a counter measure to the dreaded Blue Shell, but the Super Horn was described as a rare item. During my eight races in Mario Kart 8, I only picked it up once.

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