Will consoles begin to overtake PCs now?

PC Magazine examines non-gaming advancements of the PS3, Xbox 360, and Wii as compared to past consoles and current PCs. Though more limited (at least in terms of software) than personal computers, the article suggests this round of consoles is closer to overtaking PCs as entertainment hubs than ever before. Dean Takahashi writes: "For years now, gaming consoles have been positioned as the Trojan horses of the living room but never seemed to fully deliver on that promise. The new generation of devices from Microsoft, Nintendo, and Sony may finally start giving PC manufacturers a reason to worry, for real this time. These consoles will enter your home as a game machine and then insidiously infiltrate the rest of your life."

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MicroGamer4447d ago (Edited 4447d ago )

I really can't see consoles becoming better gaming rigs than a PC. A console comes with one set of equipment as standard and can't be upgraded. A PC has infinite expansion possibilities. If my current CPU or graphics card starts getting sluggish when playing the latest games, I can upgrade it. If I need more memory, I can upgrade that. Until consoles start becoming easily upgradeable, they will never be better gaming or multimedia rigs than a PC simply because they will become obsolete too quickly.

TheMART4447d ago

I think they're right.

Microgamer, you need to look at the total package.

First off, last gen had outdated hardware even when they were launched. The XBOX had a Celeron 733 Mhz CPU, 64 MB ram and a Geforce 3 GPU...

But still, it pulled of ok graphics. Doom 3, Half Life 2 at the end of it's lifecycle looked pretty good!

This time around, it's state of the art hardware. The 360 has a triple core 3.2 Ghz CPU. Does your PC has it? The GPU is a sort of 1900 XTX ATI card, but then special build. With 10 GB embedded extra fast ram (an extra die on the GPU main die) it's strong!

With a PC it's not the question if you CAN upgrade, you MUST upgrade if you want to keep playing new games. The power of the consoles is that the hardware remains the same, so they don't have to program for multiple hardware setups. Optimalized programming. And yeah at the end of the lifecycle of this next gen console the PC will outperform. Is that a problem? Nope. Gaming will remain great on the console

Even better: the 360 is in the livingroom on a big HDTV and a nice chair or couch to sit/lay/hang on. WiFi Controllers and enjoy.

PC gaming = at a desk, straight up, on a keyboard and mouse which are meant to type and do work on, not to play games... Mostly not in the livingroom, but somewere in the house visitors can't see all the wires AND

XBOX Live. Which will be Live anywhere soon. But still. The combination of it all makes it more attractive then a PC. And I was a PC gamer for about 5 years ago, but hated to keep buying a GPU upgrade...