Gold Pants Mii Rosanna Pansino Arrives In StreetPass Mii Plaza

A level 5 hero from Nintendo has joined the battle! Meet Special Gold Pants Mii Rosanna Pansino. She’s the nerdtastic creator of Nerdy Nummies — the “geeky cooking show” that features a cornucopia of delectable designs ranging from fantasy, Sci-Fi, comic books, anime, movies, and, of course, video games. And she’s waiting for you right this instant.

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persona4chie1684d ago

I woke up this morning to see her mii in the plaza it was a nice surprise

tanookisuit1684d ago

Just got her 5 minutes ago. I didn't even know special Miis exisited! It would be great if I could somehow get Reggie/Miyamoto/Iwata.

I streetpassed an Armstrong (from Metal Gear Rising) Mii a few weeks ago, lol!

ScubaSteve11684d ago

Wait till e3 for Reggie,miyamoto snd Iwata