PS4 1.7 Firmware Update: Here Are All the Stealthy Changes and Fixes Not Included in the Patch Notes

Today Sony Computer Entertainment released the new 1.7 firmware update, and published the official patch notes. Turns out, though, that the notes aren’t really complete, and the update includes several stealth changes that Sony did not list, including some very relevant ones, like the ability to log in a second user with the same DualShock 4 controller without disconnecting the previous user.

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GribbleGrunger1636d ago

Here's one you missed:

-timestamps on the "Whats New" section.

GribbleGrunger1636d ago

I see it now. You changed it slightly though!

dontbhatin1636d ago

Has nobody noticed the beautiful smooth transition from the Menu to music unlimited?

cell9891636d ago

I actually use MU so im curious about this

dontbhatin1636d ago

I saw it and was amazed on how they improved it. It completely skips the loading screen showing the controls. I really like it! :)

MWong1636d ago (Edited 1636d ago )

They obviously didn't test this patch ... I am having so many connection issues.

jebabcock1635d ago

Haven't had any issues yet. Maybe it is user error? Anyone else experiencing these issues?

MWong1635d ago

Guess GamingBolt and the posters on PS Forums must be having user issues also? - this was fixed by turning off the deep colors

Also if you have Battlefield 4, try to join on your friend via their name. You can't anymore, you have to use the Battlelog now.

Another thing is my friends and I are occasionally being kicked out of chat or friends list loading very slowly or timing out.

mr2331636d ago

Those are all good changes, BUT

WTF About DLNA?!

dboyman1636d ago

Most likely coming in a future update...

brightlight1636d ago

... with mp3 playback and who knows video too (let's be crazy!)

nosferatuzodd1636d ago (Edited 1636d ago )

indeed next update i want them to do folder option dlna make a twitch app with talk so you don't of to type all the time I'm lazy ok deal with it lol, and friends notification oh and able to change the background music and color and theme that would shut me up for like 2years and the famous MP3 playback we need it bad

cell9891636d ago

I know they are working on Dynamic themes as well, version 2.0. Looking forward to that

fr0sty1635d ago

In the mean time, you can use PLEX just fine on PS4, though I do hear you have to disable your firewall or the PS4 browser will crash.

ravinash1635d ago

The more you put into a single update, the more likly something is going to go wrong.
Better safe than sorry.

Hopefully the next one.

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Conzul1636d ago

Folder grouping and MP3/MP4 support would shut me up for a year or so....

Then I'd probably start whining about DLNA etc...

Lazyeye791636d ago

Definitely need folder grouping. My games list is getting pretty long and annoying to navigate.

Plus I like to keep the game I got from PS+ separate from those I purchased.

Illusive_Man1636d ago ShowReplies(2)
KYU21301636d ago

mp3/mp4 playback can't be to far of, especially with ShareFactory being able to accept imported mp3

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The story is too old to be commented.