Why I Dislike Multi-Player Trophies

Ryan follows up from his previous article "I Dislike Multi-Player Trophies" and explains why single player games should not include trophies in multi-player.

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Massacred1659d ago

I cannot agree with this more. I've been making this same argument since 2008 when trophies were first released.

IRetrouk1658d ago

Yeah I hate multiplayer trophys or achievements in mainly single player games, does my nut in

Blues Cowboy1658d ago

Yep, right with you. It influences player behaviour, rewards things that don't benefit team play and generally stands in the way of platinums too.

Hakoom1658d ago

there should never be any MP trophies..
they always cause problems..
-servers shut
-laggy MP
-stresfull and stupid objectives
and many more unwelcome stuff for trophy hunters

sony should patch the games with closed servers and make those trophies obtainable offline

shivvy241658d ago

a good example is resistance 3 , it came out at the end of 2011 and its shut ! and i feel sorry for the person who attempted to platinum R2

SegaGamer1658d ago

I agree. Achievements / Trophies that are online are a pain in the ass. If severs closed then that is it, you can never get them again, it's stupid. They can't have been very well thought out if such a flaw is going to carry on existing.

Hakoom1658d ago

i am stil stuck with 97% on defjam rapstar bec the company got sued for ilegal music or whatever reason they shut for.. so i cant do the online trophies which was just rate or upload some music ~_~
and it wasnt an easy game to finish too

stavrami-mk21658d ago (Edited 1658d ago )

nuff said .ruins a game sometimes ac4, tomb raider are 2 that stick in mind

IRetrouk1658d ago

Yeah I am playing tomb raider now on ps4, deff not going for the online trophys, didnt on ps3 either.

Summons751658d ago

I highly agree. Honestly all trophies are pointless.

Roccetarius1658d ago (Edited 1658d ago )

Multiplayer achievements will always make people play differently, instead of playing the intended way. You really have to go out of your way for some of them, which in turn could leave your team losing in some cases.

That's just one of the reasons i dislike MP achievements, not including things like gaining Rank 100 or something.

rdgneoz31658d ago

Uncharted has done a good job with them. UC2 had 1 trophy for playing a game of co-op and one for competitive. There were in-game achievements for other things, but only those 2 for trophies.

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The story is too old to be commented.