PS4 System 1.70 update - how to dim controller, disable HDCP and share videos to USB

A video which looks at the dim options for the Dual Shock controller, transferring share videos to USB, HDCP disabling and Trophy sorting by rarity post the PS4 1.70 system update.

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RaidensRising1632d ago

I will try these when I get home. Thanks for sharing. That usb transfer rate looks slow and a shame you can't do that in the background.

DoomeDx1632d ago

It depends on the USB speeds. When I put external HDD on it it went much faster compared to my slow ass USB stick.

SuperBlur1632d ago

is your usb stick 3.0 ?

choujij1632d ago

This. Pick up a high read/write speed usb 3.0 stick.

Mikethejew1632d ago

I already did the dimming of the controller, the difference isn't much but hopefully longer battery life.

bunt-custardly1632d ago

Sony confirmed that dimming does NOT extend the battery life due to the fact that the light used very little power consumption to begin with, such is their awesome design for the DS4.

rodiabloalmeida1632d ago

Share videos to USB? Now that's a really cool feature! The others too, but I liked this one the most.

Baszs1632d ago

ADD to the title,
that sony is putting developers watermarks on screenshots..