Enemy Front Preview (Strategy Informer)

From "It's certainly been a while since we've had a World War II FPS. Go back ten years and you couldn't move for them. Medal of Honour, Call of Duty 1 and 2, Return to Castle Wolfenstein – a seemingly never-ending avalanche of games that ensured MP40s, stielhandgranates and Flak 88s became as familiar to gamers as cats and dogs. This was the Tyrannosaurus Rex of popular genres, striding across the landscape of PC gaming devouring all competition. Then, just like that dinosaur metaphor, it outstayed its welcome, and the genre all but disappeared from our computer screens. Until now. Enemy Front is promising a return to the heady days of a one man (generally American) army storming occupied Europe".

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ThePowerpuffGirl1680d ago

Most fans of the genre, longingly watching for the return game IIWW. EF meets these conditions. Already I can not wait to see how it works all solutions. Will soon, we'll see.;)

Aon1678d ago

I think now the most important asset of Enemy Front is WW II time. It's my opinion and I will play on it because I have enough this modern war from another new shooter game. Yes to release date is only month and few days so we must be patient.