Gears Of War 4: 10 thing you want to see

X-ONE gives it verdict on the most requested settings, characters and events for the next Gears on Xbox One.

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Excalibur1685d ago

With the Bigger disk space on Blu-ray and the "power of the cloud" there is no reason way every game mode/MPtype shouldn't be included in the game, period.
That way no one's favorites are left out.

I personally want to see a complete re-boot starting with the pendulum wars, the first half of the first game would give us young Marcus, Dom, Carlos (Dom's brother) and other Book/comic favorites.
The second half of the game would show that war end and end with E=day.
The second game would be E-Day.
The third (4th, 5th?) game would fill in the ten year gap between E-day and Gears one.
There is plenty of story to be told if they do it right.

WeAreLegion1685d ago

I just want to see a great story. I loved what they did with the campaigns for 2 and 3. (Though I thought 3 dragged on in many sections.)

I want a great campaign. That's all I ask. Could not care less about multi-player.

creatchee1685d ago

1. No always-on crosshairs
2. King of the Hill

That is all.

Dewitt1685d ago

I want a survivor-horror atmosphere where you play as an untrained soldier leading up to E-day. You must learn how to use each weapon you acquire and gradually get more accurate the more you use it. First level is like a boot camp mission and in the middle of the first mission your COs start disappearing leading you on a chase to track them down. Enter the first locusts in a tunnel or cave where you track them to which leads to more mystery and the start of the war with the soon to be COGs.

WilDRangeRrfc1685d ago

New enemy dark scary backs against the wall hopeless odds,setting on Earth make everyone get gripped by Earths possible annihilation no one cares about imaginary Sera,new characters the old will be always in our memories,all MP game modes no stopping power or sawed off,active reloads 20 maps for MP make it feel like Gears 3 but on dedicated servers and make the game gory dark scary and more important than all the 6 lead characters loveable and have chemistry,Gears needs a new start we have to let go of Marcus Baird Dom and Cole as hard as that is their story has been told,even make the new characters future relatives if you must but we need something fresh,I will buy it regardless I love my fav franchise so much that I bought X1 after PS4 knowing that I need more Gears,I even love Judgement