Leaked Screenshots of supernatural-themed World of Darkness

A bunch of screenshots have emerged over the internet from World of Darkness, CCP’s recently-shelved MMO RPG for the PC that focused on an open world where supernatural creatures such as vampires roam the night.

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Whatsupdog1632d ago

I was so looking forward to something along the lines of Vampire the Masquerade. Not sure if The Secret World makes for a viable alternative :-(

ATi_Elite1632d ago

The Secret World is kinda a close alternative, No vampires but a lot of secret society stuff.

Rumb13stiltzkin1632d ago

You definitely can't PLAY as a vampire in The Secret World, but they're definitely in the game in a very cool, very interesting way! Even Dracula himself, though there's a twist to his story!

ATi_Elite1632d ago

After seeing these screen shots I NOW COMPLETELY understand why CCP canceled this game.

looks like CRAP compared to any Korean MMO.

the gameplay and story may of been great but the graphics are YUK.

NiteX1632d ago

What are you blabbering about the graphics look fine. Besides I doubt they were anywhere near finished.