NPD report proves it's all about the games

A new NPD report surveying nearly 17,000 panel members unveiled a real shocker in the form of consumer purchase intent; games sell consoles, not price, tech specs, or extras. From the report: "Appealing game titles is by far the most important feature [in selling consoles], with 87 percent of respondents claiming this as their number one concern, followed by backwards compatibility at 68 percent. 'Price is definitely a factor, but not as much as is content,' said Anita Frazier industry analyst, The NPD Group."

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DC RID3R4452d ago

i KNOW that nintendo will do just fine with their launch line-up games.

i also KNOW that ms is running things right now with their games.

the ps3..............i just don't KNOW....

back to GEARS OF WAR (baddest game on the planet).

ScorpioKyle4452d ago

agree with you. The Wii has a killer launch line up.

The PS3's launch line up is questionable, they have Resistence which looks sweet and is getting good feed back. But everything else is either crappy exclusives (Gengi) or multiplatform stuff.

Right now the 360 is doing good with some great titles, Dead Rising, Gears of War, Saints Row and the cross platform stuff and library.

Next year is going to be the year to watch though. All the companies will be pulling out their big guns.