Nintendo’s new approach to E3 deserves high praise

MMGN: Through the trials and tribulations of a faltering console, Nintendo has emerged at the foredawn of E3, the premiere event on the gaming calendar, with the crowing realisation of its new approach to delivering information direct to the consumer.

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GeofferyPeterson1632d ago

Reggie's new and improved body is ready.

diepdiep1632d ago

Don't forget his new shades and laser eyes >:)

Irishguy951632d ago

I can't think of anything witty, so i'll just ****ing needed to overhaul your E3's Nintendo.

randomass1711632d ago (Edited 1632d ago )

*Reggie zaps you with laser eyes while screaming that his body is ready*

Orionsangel1632d ago

This is a smart move. This way they get no direct fan reaction, no feedback from a crowd. No hype. Nothing that excites us. Just a quiet affair. Remember when Twilight Princess was shown at E3 for the first time. The crowd went ballistic. It was an exciting moment that excited the whole gaming industry. Great job Nintendo!

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1632d ago (Edited 1632d ago )

Nintendo will be livestreaming on
Nintendo Website, Facebook, YouTube, Ustream and Twitch.

What do live stream have in common?
Oh Chat box!
Nintendo fans and viewers can give feedbacks.

What very common for Nintendo fans on YouTube. Upload or livestream reaction.

What can Nintendo fans do doing E3. Find a Best Buy to Play Smash Bros.

Nintendo isn't going for the crowds. They want EVERYONE to get something out of E3 even if you aren't attending you have Best Buy.

AWBrawler1632d ago

yes, the new approach is better, especially since i won't be at e3 this year

rdgneoz31632d ago

"What do live stream have in common?
Oh Chat box!"

Yah, and nothing bad ever happens in chat boxes on twitch or ustream...

"What can Nintendo fans do doing E3. Find a Best Buy to Play Smash Bros."

So, you paid a good amount of money for tickets and maybe a hotel, and you get to leave the big event and travel to a department store? MS and Sony will be streaming the events online for people as well.

thehobbyist1632d ago

E3 is only for the press or specially invited guests. You can't go to E3. So you never will have to pay for travel or a hotel room.

randomass1711632d ago

@rdgnez3 The internet is full of idiots and jerks. Does that mean that we should get rid of interactive chats altogether? 'Course not! I like that Nintendo will be making this more interactive for fans. :)

Orionsangel1632d ago (Edited 1632d ago )

You missed my point...Nintendo needs more of this...

Less of this...


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wonderfulmonkeyman1632d ago

You must not have realised that the crowds are made up of press instead, these days, and most of their reactions are flaccid and weak compared to the fan-filled crowds of E3's past.
No good point made, move along.

Kevlar0091632d ago

While Sony and MS are sticking with the old (yet tbh tried and true) method Nintendo is doing their own unique, innovative method. Forgo bright lights, huge room and celebrities, Nintendo is using the internet to get their message across. They have streams throughout the day, letting people try Smash early, hosting a massive Smash Tourney for more recognition and hype. And of course a Direct to pack every upcoming major content release minus pointless filler.

Nintendo should be commended for trying something new and bold. They're building their own platform to show off content. From the early reports they should have an impressive showing, unless it's a complete letdown 9am to the end of the day should have a lot of stuff to show and tell

randomass1711632d ago

A lot of people seem to believe Nintendo are going to reach a smaller audience, but it's worth noting that this different approach actually has people talking about it. I agree, they should be commended for trying something a bit more risky, but let's see if it works out well for them.

mezati991632d ago

damage controlling from Nintendo fans is almost hilarious really

TheRacingX1632d ago

They are trying a different approach to getting their games shown to the is that damage control?? E3 costs them millions, and most of the target audience, the consumer, either watches at home or on the internet, so why spend the millions when you can get the same result for pennies on the dollar? Damage control would be they show nothing and everyone says they are waiting for Tokyo game show....the IQ on N4G is staggeringly low...

-Foxtrot1632d ago

Because it's a terrible apparoach

Showing just a glorified Nintendo direct when your console is selling poorly is not the way to go.

E3 has become a little mainstream now, they would be better offer showing everything off at a massive event

The main audience watching the directs will be Nintendo fans who already HAVE a Wii U.

randomass1711632d ago

@Foxtrot Since when do general consumers watch E3? I thought the people watching it were gamers who were planning to watch the material no matter what. Wouldn't those people also tune into the Nintendo stuff if they were interested?

Baccra171632d ago

More like sad. They're the reason why Nin will never get it together- they are the biggest enablers in gaming ever to exist.

jcnba281632d ago

Ignorant comments from haters is even more hilarious.

wonderfulmonkeyman1632d ago

Downplaying out of fear from haters is even more pathetic.

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