Grand Theft Auto V: The perfect story DLC

Paul Verhoeven of MMGN: Allow me, fellow fans of GTA V, to pitch you the single greatest idea for a Grand Theft Auto V expansion you're ever likely to see.

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porkChop1635d ago

That's actually not a bad idea and it really seems like something Trevor would do.

inmusicutrust1634d ago

Ya it definitely fits the characters well. Id love to see this.

pompombrum1635d ago

Adding Vegas would be AWESOME but the cost of something like that would probably mean a full blown expansion as opposed to just DLC.

Great idea anyway, Rockstar should definitely use it.

JetsFool35001635d ago

Why not make it an expansion? Expansions are a million times better than DLC

porkChop1635d ago

GTA IV's "DLC" were really 10 hour expansions and they were both $20. Considering Rockstar already said they eventually want GTA Online to include all cities they've done previously, I could see a new city being added in an expansion.

inmusicutrust1634d ago

I wouldn't mind them going to vice city either. Id love to see them use this as a chance to expand the gtaO world.

MilkMan1635d ago

Dude, all I want are two things. Like 30 more SP heist and some DLC focusing entirely on Trevor. Thats it. Dont need or want anything else.

Ken851635d ago

They need to work on expanding the multiplayer content before even thinking about single player. Where's heist???

porkChop1635d ago

GTA Online is mostly dead these days because Rockstar took way too long to fix the game and start adding the promised features/content. They still haven't even MENTIONED the stock market for GTA Online even though it's there in the browser.

Unless they release the game on PS4/XBO and rework it to be a better experience then I don't see a point in spending resources on the multiplayer instead of singleplayer.

inmusicutrust1634d ago

GtaO will come to next gen, its going to be ever expanding according to r*. They definitely dropped the ball but hopefully can get everything going full steam with some content additions. Really needs at least a whole year more to become what we were promised.

bigboss19901635d ago

That's a good idea :-D and you could have the casino manager like Sam ace from that film casino. Bury people in the desert too lol

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