Mario Kart 8 Download Size Revealed In Wii U eShop

According to the North American Wii U eShop, the Mario Kart 8 download size reveals that players choosing to download the title will be required to have 4,949.8 MB of free space on their hard drive, or approximately equal to 4.83 GB.

That’s not a very demanding requirement. By comparison, Super Mario 3D World requires 1.63 GB and PlatinumGames’ The Wonderful 101 requires 9.94 GB.

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Activemessiah1633d ago

i suggest people should get the physical version due to the nice artwork

swice1630d ago

The digital deluxe promotion paired with Best Buy's eShop Card sale makes the digital version $15 cheaper than retail. I can't pass that up

iplay1up21632d ago

I am surprised, MK8 Looks REALLY great. Also there are allot of tracks. I just looked and Sonic All Stars Racing Transformed takes 6438.1. So MK8 takes Less???? Although I do not know allot about compression, could someone explain how MK8 can look at least in my opinion bigger and better than Sonic all Stars(a game I really like btw)and take up less memory.

ChickeyCantor1632d ago (Edited 1632d ago )

It doesn't look bigger in any sense. It's the art style which is put to good use. It's simply a good looking game.

I assume Nintendo uses specific in-house engines for their games so there is less bloating to go with. Where as other companies use solutions such as the Unreal Engine.

iplay1up21632d ago

32 tracks compared to 25, is a big difference. Sega did not use Unreal.

ChickeyCantor1631d ago

I didn't imply they did use unreal. But you can bet on it they used a licensed engine.

Those tracks don't all have unique assets. So 32 tracks could very well be equal to the size of the 25.

mcstorm1631d ago

@GotHDGame I just think Nintendo are very good at making games that look good and play well into small packages. Look at Mario 3D world I think that was only something like 2.6GB in size.

Really like what Nintendo are doing at the moment and the Wiiu is starting to feel like the good old Nintendo days of the N64 and GameCube in terms of quality games from them. Keep it up big N.

DoggyBiscuit1632d ago

I will download this day 1 can't wait

DryBoneKoopa851631d ago

Hmm I wonder if people who download it on the Eshop can still get the free Wii U game with your purchase of Mario Kart 8?

Only reason I wonder this is because you need to register it with Club Nintendo. I'm not sure there is a way to do that with an Eshop purchase.

MNGamer-N1631d ago

Your eshop purchases are automatically linked.

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1631d ago

yes. Club Nintendo will detect it if you connect it to your NNID.

DryBoneKoopa851631d ago

Right! I forgot that you link your account to Club Nintendo when you purchase a Wii U.

Bubble for being Intelligent!

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