When did Gaming PC's become a Must have for All Gamers?

Today its seems more and more gamers are interested in moving to or adding a Gaming PC to their PS and XB. Last Gen we saw videos after videos of how PC had better graphics. But were was the PC during PS2 days? Was the gap the same as it is today, back then? When did the PC take over? Should you buy a new console or invest in a Gaming PC...

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miyamoto1659d ago

because of console emulators!!!!
works wonders!
Although Android is catching up....

3-4-51659d ago

PC games have always been fun, but have always been their own unique thing, and I think anybody who plays games on PC, really appreciates the differences in games compared to what is available on handheld or console.

* PC is great at strategy games & single player games with tons of content that you can still play 10 years later and it's just as fun.

NewMonday1658d ago

I remember my big brother introducing PC games to me as a kid, he used to run them on DOS back then, he gave me a sheet of paper with the commands I need to launch the games. it was how I fell in love with P&C games like Day of the Tentacle. my younger brother is now a PC only elitist.

Volkama1658d ago

I would have said "about 2010" because that's when new consoles should have landed. But yes, PC gaming also has it's own identity and Steam is no small part of it.

Farsendor11658d ago

i have always been a console and pc gamer, just taking a break from pc gaming.

awi59511658d ago (Edited 1658d ago )

Im old i played PGA tour and Oregon trail when they were new on mac with DOS lol. And all the madden games, racing games, RPg's looked way better on P during the ps2 time as well. I played half life, i played doom 3, ureal games,quake,wolfienstein, and all those pc games and they looked better than ps2 as well.

The biggest difference is Starwars the old republic it looks so bad compared to the PC version its funny also elder scrolls morrowind looks way better on pc. These games were xbox exclusives on consoles and it had far better graphics than ps2 and it still looked bad compared to pc. The original call of duty was drop dead pretty on pc. And unreal 2004 was the best shooter of that gen, Halo ce was fun but had bad graphics compared to unreal 2004.

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BattleAxe1659d ago

Steam is the reason I prefer PC these days. There really isn't a need to buy a new console in my opinion.

- Why pay for a subscription?
- Why pay huge amounts of money for games?
- Why do I want to get screwed on backwards compatibility again?
- Why do I want to continually be offered HD remakes of the same games with every generation of console?

I have always loved Playstation, and Nintendo(when I was a kid), but consoles have turned into money sponges with very little residual value. Consumers just aren't all that bright these days.

I can't think of another industry that is able to blatantly soak the consumer, and still have consumers keep coming back for more. I think it has a lot to do with how young people have been raised in the past decade.

frankied1011659d ago

You could keep your old console and opt out of buying remake and get new games....? Or naw

BattleAxe1658d ago


Absolutely, I am keeping both of my PS3 consoles. They're still very relevant, and do pretty much everything I want them to do. I'm just not buying any of the newer consoles.

I might still buy a PS Vita, but I'm still on the fence with that.

R6ex1658d ago

Steam has converted the Xbox 360 and PS3 gamer in me to PC Gaming. Better visuals was the initial reason to switch, but now the main reasons are (1) cheap, discounted titles and (2) disc-less ease of access to my games. PS4 and Xbone still doesn't have enough new titles to tempt me over. Maybe later. For now, my GTX 670 still can run any upcoming new games for quite a while.

NeoTribe1658d ago

Maybe its because of the ease of use and terrific games? You cant play the last of us on your pc can you? Name a game with more awards than sonys exclusives. You cant. Go back to your cs and warcraft.

TekoIie1658d ago


I can name way more innovative/unique titles than the last of us which are only on PC. I recently found Dungeon of the Endless which is a combination of a Rogue-like/RPG/Tower Defense. Probably one of the more unique releases this year.

"Go back to your cs and warcraft."

No I'll go back to Dota 2 and my RTS games. Check out stuff like The Mandate for 2015. Those are the sort of games I LOVE to play :)

awi59511658d ago (Edited 1658d ago )


We dont need it we have Rust and Day-z, and The walking dead games. And left for dead 2 pc with thousands of mods is so much fun its silly. I love the counterstrike buy mod that lets you buy weapons and even spawn hords of zombies and tanks in versus mode.

Usually by now consoles had something to make me buy it. I had to get a PS1 for twisted metal, I had to get a sega saturn for virtual fighter 2 because i spent too many quarters on the arcade version, I had to get a ps2 for grand theft auto 3. I had to get a dreamcast for sonic and toy commander. I had to get a xbox for halo Ce multiplayer and rainbow six 3. Ps3 was a bluray player and xbox 360 had call of duty 2 at launch and ghost recon and oblivion and project gotham 3,Geometry wars and condemned criminal origins. And this Gen has a big fat nothing so im setting it out it.

Zero-One1658d ago

Who the flying pingas cares? YOU are not the deciding factor between weather or not the PS4 can sell over 8 million units this month! If anything, we never need people like you.

awi59511656d ago (Edited 1656d ago )


And who cares about you lol i have a great gaming pc and not a laptop in a box. So who are you? And why should i care about your tantrums little boy?

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hiredhelp1658d ago (Edited 1658d ago )

PC's Never been a Must have thats kinda saying ditch your console get a PC.
Kinda wrong Because there console have the simplistic but limited ability unlike the PC, thoe there many exclusives ive missed on my old ps3 that obviously wouldnt be on PC.
However if your asking bennifits over a console then there are loads reasons.

Games pay for themselvs £29.99 example wait steam sale chance picking up title (£14.99) and maybe another game (£14,99)

PC Mods also go hand in hand with the Help you get from fourums community.

Full controll of any games from mapping out your controls on keyboard mouse to controller witch becomming main stream on most titles. Not forgetting the graphics controll you have at hand which choose performance or visual fidelity.

60-120hz depending on hardware witch graphics options come into play.

Multitasking freind calling on steam have voice call..? need browse web need play music switch back to your game easy.

Look i could go on but ultimatly my prefrence today is to have if you can have both console and PC. Witch what i be doing once ps4 has more games price drops slightly. Roll on E3

frostypants1658d ago (Edited 1658d ago )

PC's never became a must have for all gamers, demonstrable in the fact that so many gamers don't have them. And what does he mean by "when did the PC take over"? In terms of what? PCs have had the graphical advantage since the 1980s. And if anything the visual disparity to the naked eye has declined, not expanded. For the longest time, until the PS1 and N64 showed up, consoles couldn't even push polygons reliably. The SNES could only do it by including additional processing hardware on the cartridge (laughably inefficient approach).

His gaming sales numbers also include PC social media games, which is kind of mixing apples and oranges.

Whoever wrote this has clearly only been gaming for a few years. His history seems to start with the PS2. Kid's got zero perspective. And worse, he doesn't seem to understand the broad variance in graphical quality across PCs.

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ElementX1659d ago

I played PC games instead of buying a PS2 back in the day.

Zero-One1658d ago

And rarely had any fun games to play in the process.

awi59511655d ago (Edited 1655d ago )

Lol you know nothing lol.

Ureal tornament 2004

Half life 2


star wars old republic

Elder scrolls morrowind

The first Call of Duty came out then and the console version sucked and was a totally diffrent game and diffrent story missions.

Battlefield 1942

The game that really started modern combat shooters Battlefield 2

Grand theft auto 3 the series started on Pc

Warcraft 3

world of warcraft

Company of Heroes


Gothic 2

Dungeon Siege

Diablo 2

Rome: Total War

Deus Ex


Medal of Honour: Allied Assault

Counter-Strike: Source

Rainbow 6 and Ghost recon started on PC

Doom 3

Splinter cell was on pc as well.

All Ea sports game looked 10 times better on pc

There are too many games to count back then its crazy.

DragonKnight1659d ago

According to my disagrees, I said "Never. Next" first.

csreynolds1658d ago

I don't know why you - or I - have received so many disagrees. I wasn't poo-pooing PCs. I was merely pointing out that PCs, in the context of gaming, have never been "must haves". They're often pricier, they're high maintenance, you need to have a good computing/technical knowledge to really get the best out of them, software/hardware compatibility is more of a problem, and many of the latest "must have" games are exclusive to consoles.

And in response to anyone thinking "but you can use it for other things", I have a perfectly capable laptop. I don't need a games machine that can also create a Word document. Just my two pennies people.

fenome1659d ago (Edited 1659d ago )

Same here, I go on my laptop to check my email and check out these sites. Maybe I'll get distracted on youtube for a while..

I can do all of this on one of my consoles as well, but there are certain things I'd rather do on PC and certain things I'd rather do on my console.

Personally, I'd rather game on a console and cruise the internet on my PC, but to each their own.

Commenting is easier on sites that I want a keyboard handy, like this one, or just checking my email. Plus, I don't feel the need to cruise those sites laying down with a controller seeing it on my 60" TV. I like keeping my PC and console activities separate. That's just how I am though, to each their own.

PCs are high-maintenance b*tches. It's like that girl you date who looks good, but then you get to know her. She ends up eating up your whole paycheck getting her nails done and dying her hair, don't forget the tanning salon.. and then you break up anyways because she's just annoying. lmao

fenome1659d ago (Edited 1659d ago )

guess I better clarify, I'm a noob at anything PC related (and that doesn't bother me). I like the ease of access because I'm lazy. It is what it is, you do you, and I'll do my thing :D

fenome1657d ago (Edited 1657d ago )


'+intelligent' just for my lack of it in my last post.

I was just being an ass in the comments, real world things kind of hit me hard lately and I've been reacting..

Headlines like this are trying to entice comment wars though, you gotta admit that at least..

In my honest opinion PC should be the lead platform on EVERY SINGLE game that gets made. That's where everything that matters is the strongest. I was just being a jackass, but at the end of the day I have nothing but the utmost respect for computers. PC is what let us play these games and be on this website in the first place. I respect my roots, I was just being dumb..

MysticStrummer1658d ago

Yeah I've been gaming since before the Atari 2600 and I've tried PC gaming a few times during all those years, but I keep coming back to consoles and never had the urge to build or buy a gaming PC.

I game on PC like I game on my phone. Very very rarely.

The_KELRaTH1658d ago

I too got into gaming a long time ago, 1st was a Fairchild console but my next games machine was the Atari 800 which opened so much more game genres as well as learning to program etc.
Once I'd gone from console to computer I could never go back but it's fair to say I was as fascinated by the technology as much as the games so it was a natural progression into PC's after the Amiga.

I remember plugging in my 1st 3DFX graphics card - the wow factor factor was like nothing I've experienced since.
Playing games like UT99 that's linked within an IRC chat system so you have over 20,000 ppl to chat and play online with and have over 10,000 maps to choose from was just a fantastic gaming experience.

I also love the rts genre like Command & conquer series that just doesn't work when pushed onto consoles (my 1st experience though was on the Atari 800 with a rts game called Cytron Masters).

I enjoy racing games and even today there has not been another racing game with so much realism as Geoff Crammonds F1 GrandPrix - the latest version even included features like heat haze and driving in a visor which looked amazing when it was raining - this was in 2002!

And for something more relaxing there was the Wing Commander and Privateer space shooter and trading games :)
A new one is on it's was called Star Citizen - it absolutely massive game!

I did purchase a PS3 some years ago and still enjoy using it today playing GT6 but I'll never go back to a closed format where 1 manufacturer dictates all the rules.

Tatsuya 1659d ago

I have my gaming PC sit right next to my PS4. Watching Full HD movies and surfing the web is the best thing to do on it :)

papashango1659d ago

I only use my ps4 to watch crunchyroll and it can't even do that right. the app always freezes and starts to wig out.

joab7771659d ago

I have to have at least one console for exclusives. Since xbox usually released on pc, my choice is the PS4.

Also, playing FF14 on the ps4, I find that I really like the controller.

dontbhatin1658d ago


That's exactly how i deal with getting exclusives.

finito821659d ago

nope, just cant handle pc games, console is much more casual and relaxed, less to do.

aLiEnViSiToR1659d ago

yeah brain likes it when its not used xD

papashango1659d ago

casual and relaxed while gaming. The good old days. Said no gamer ever.