Soulcalibur IV: Darth Vader Hands-on

IGN do a preview on how Darth Vader plays in the new Soul Calibur 4.

jamilion5668d ago

Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo ooooooooo!

turbogeekx5668d ago (Edited 5668d ago )

Darth Vader > Yoda

Superior D-PAD + superior characters = Only on PlayStation 3.

Nitrowolf25668d ago

so true
have you seen the cover of the games at gamestop
dude i like the darth vader one allot better then the yoda

GiantEnemyCrab5668d ago

"Having seen the game running on both the 360 and PS3, we're a little worried that the PS3 version suffers from significant slowdown as opposed to the extremely smooth 360 build"

+ significant slowdown only on the PS3.

Vicophine5668d ago

At least its above the 10FPS Ninja Gaiden 2 gets.

juuken5668d ago

GiantEnemyCrab, any evidence of the slowdown?
I thought so.

GiantEnemyCrab5668d ago (Edited 5668d ago )

Yes, the evidence is written in this very article. Where do you think I got that quote from?

What I'd like to see is the proof that NG2 runs at 10fps like Vicophine states. Nice way to deflect by making up pure BS.

To be fair however, the game still has dev time left so it could turn out to be equal to the 360 version at retail. (see I can be reasonable)

@2.8: Again, please provide a link to someone who has played it and says it's a literal slideshow. When I read things like this from the most recent review posted here:

"The shinning points of the game are the responsive controls and the smooth and fast gameplay"

Doesn't make it sound like a slideshow at all and this is from someone who has played it not talking out of their pooper.


juuken5668d ago

And they said they were a *little* worried. The game is only a month away or so. There's plenty of time to sort that out, don't you think?

Vicophine5668d ago

It runs at 30FPS but the slowdowns are reported to have "made the game a literal slideshow" thats not good for a fast paced game.

testerg355668d ago

The article said "significant slowdown".

Amanosenpai5668d ago

<Vader also has his iconic "Emperor Throw" where he hefts his enemy over his head and tosses them to the ground.>

Nuff said... DV > Yoda anyday

juuken5667d ago

And tester, I SAID the game may still need some work. What part of *still needs work* do you not understand?

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Neurotoxin5668d ago

That looks cool.

Frame rate issues...... I thought the Playstation 3 could do the Kessel run in less than 1 1/2 parsecs.

Given that a parsec is a unit of measurement i`m sure it doesn't matter.

Bathyj5668d ago

Yeah, I did alot of contracting work on the original Death Star (we were gonna shape it like a star at first instead of the small moon design we ended up going with.)

To set out the trench to the reactor duct I used my 5 Parsec (or about 16 Lightyears) tape measure. That tool came in mighty handy on that job.

etownone5668d ago (Edited 5668d ago )

"we're a little worried that the PS3 version suffers from significant slowdown as opposed to the extremely smooth 360 build"

nothing new here, just another multi-plat game running better than the ps3 version.

Vicophine5668d ago

Oh really? I didn't know the game went gold yet. Thx for letting me know.

/sarcasm. Typical xbot.

Mwaan5668d ago

But screw the framerate, Darth Vadar looks boring compared to Yoda. Vadar looks like a watered down Mitsurugi with a learning disability.

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Silogon5668d ago

Since Namco has always been so great with playstation hardware. I hope this doesn't bleed over into Tekken 6's development, though.

Megaton5668d ago

Yeah, if Tekken 6 and Soul Calibur IV have chugging issues, I'm gonna be really pissed off.