Below Dev: Microsoft Collaboration Is the 'Best-Case Scenario'

Nathan Vella, co-founder and president of Cabybara Games, believes that collaborating with Microsoft on Below is not only good for the game, but also his studio.

“They understand the goals of the game and of the company ..."

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maniacmayhem1636d ago

And yet we got an article earlier about a tweet from some little known dev on how MS doesn't care or respond quick enough.

Like I said, MS can't cater to everyone. I'm sure every dev has their issues when dealing with a big company. It just seems that MS at the moment gets the headlines everyone wants to read.

porkChop1636d ago (Edited 1636d ago )

I'm sure there are other devs that have had a good experience with Microsoft. However, that doesn't change the fact that most devs have said Microsoft is a pain in the ass to work with and offers little to no help at all. Whereas with Nintendo and Sony it's smooth sailing for indie devs as everyone seems to be having very good experiences.

And you can write off today's tweet as some "little known dev", but some of the biggest indies such as Jonathan Blow have blasted Microsoft time and time again for being anti-indie.

maniacmayhem1636d ago (Edited 1636d ago )

Blow spends his whole time on Twitter crying about MS, even long after what was done to him. And his recent tweet he had to actually say "my bad" (a d-bag type of apology) because he spouted off some nonsense when MS dropped the price of his game for XBL, but then quickly remembered it may have been in the original contract for them to do so.

It seems the ones who get the spotlight are the ones that usually cry the loudest, but the one's who were treated fair or have no bad experience say nothing because it was business as usual.

Yes, MS has had a bad rep when it came to a few indies, I am not denying that. But to say anti-indie when they provided tools like XNA to anyone who signed up, a community driven channel where the community chose the games and the lowest fee for those devs and programmers that submitted their game to the 360.

I hardly call that anti-indie.

georgeenoob1635d ago (Edited 1635d ago )

I agree. Why should MS waste their time catering to EVERY indie when 60% of X1 owners won't even hear about it. Why not invest the time elsewhere like on an AAA exclusive (which is exactly what they're doing)?

The select few indies like Below which MS sees the potential are the ones that get the attention, not boring indies getting ported from iPhone.

I bought a next-gen console for a reason. To play next-gen games.

Septic1635d ago (Edited 1635d ago )


How many devs have complained about Sony when dealing with them? I recall only one and that was ages ago.

No one is saying that there are devs that are happy with MS. It's just that there are still problems that MS need to solve. Communication is a problem and a dev on here even complained about their treatment.


I agree with you but Blow is a terrible example. That guy is an insufferable, attention seeking whinger and the likes of him and Phil Fish, regardless of their obvious talents, are bad examples of people having remotely reasonable sentiments simply because of the entitled way they act. Their heads are too far up their backsides.

maniacmayhem1635d ago


Like I said, I am not denying that MS has had its problems. But look how many devs still deal with MS and think about devs who don't complain.

If MS was truly as bad as a few of these devs want you to believe then why would anyone deal with them when there are other sources with just as big of an install base to go with.

Yes, sometimes communication does break down, it's a shame and as we all have read MS is working on this. They are not vets like Nintendo or Sony when it comes to video game relations.

I'm in production and I have dealt with all three and I have never had any real big problems besides Nintendo when it came to communication. And even then it wasn't a huge big deal.

As I have mentioned before it's almost as if some devs see someone like Blow mouthing off and getting some exposure for him and his game for doing it and deciding to go that route and what better company to pick on than the already tarnished rep of Microsoft.

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christocolus1636d ago (Edited 1636d ago )

I agree with the fact that MS can't cater to everyone especially all of the indies but they are working really hard and It seems they are trying to put more of their focus on aa titles while trying to work with as many indies as they can.

Agreeing to self publising and bringing down the barrier for indies was a really good move on MS part and I'm glad there are some indies who actually appreciate their efforts, I believe MS will keep making strides with their indie programme..its a new
initiative and there is room for improvemen, I just hope we don't start getting a lot of shovel ware though.


I think Johnathan blow is now onboard the xbox indie programme but imo the guy is very unstable and keeps making a mockery of himself. The dude isn't even among the most respected indie devs out there and I don't think anybody is worried about his opinions,infact no one takes his rants seriously anymore.

n4rc1635d ago

That's the biggest problem with indies IMO.. Most artists know jack squat about business.. And these guys like blow literally have no clue how to conduct themselves in a corporate environment.. Because most of them have never done so..

Yet now game directors are the public voice of their company when they could be entirely antisocial or huge ego maniacs or whatever else.. You could be the most talented developer on the face of the earth, but that doesn't mean you understand how to do business..

Even the tweets earlier.. Its so vague.. Its just a hissy fit.. Maybe he feels ms should be calling him rather then him picking up a phone? I can get through to Microsoft and I'm just a random nobody to them.. Its not nearly enough info to start judging

Automatic791636d ago (Edited 1636d ago )

I agree Maniac with over 1000 indie developers signing up and 250 of them on board. It will take time plus MS provides Dev kits (2 to each indie company) and tools, these things don't happen overnight. Glad to see MS having Capybara games working with them.

Note looking forward to playing Super time force game looks like a throw back to contra.

mkis0071635d ago

Not sure if you just worded that weird or what? MS has 250 indies signed up Sony has over 1000.

Borma1635d ago (Edited 1635d ago )

@Georgee "The select few indies like Below which MS sees the potential are the ones that get the attention, not boring indies getting ported from iPhone. I bought a next-gen console for a reason. To play next-gen games"

Which console is Soda Drinker Pro coming to again? Both will have crap Indie games and both will have amazing Indie games. But going by some Devs and evidence already made, PS4 may just get those first or exclusive.

@maniac That was for Xbox 360, the indie program where you voted, is it the same or worse on Xbox One? If they aren't doing that yet, they should.

@Michael Super Time Force is looking incredible.

Farsendor11635d ago

replying to your 2nd bubble comment.

minority of people are usually the loudest so they are the ones heard. with anything, games, developers, complaints.

if this dev is happy with microsoft then that is cool, happy developers mean good games.

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aragon1635d ago

Ok I officially think Imma start ignoring articles about indie devs.

StealthPandemic1635d ago

Why because they have opinion?

aragon1635d ago

Because every other day there's an indie dev bashing ms then another praising it, then u have fanboys bashing ms calling them moneybags, then titanfall devs say ms saved them when Sony didn't want to help then they are bashing ms again, then there's praise about Sony and indies then bashing ms and indies, I'm really gettin tired of this, they are free to have their opinion but my opinion was that I should ignore articles about indie devs praising and dissing ms and sony

Gore-Content1635d ago

This is ign's idea of gaming journalism.

Lucreto1635d ago

Sony have over 1000 indie developers making games compared to Microsoft 250 yet we don't see Sony under an pressure or ignoring any developer.

You can see Sony planned there indie response months ago while Microsoft cobbled it together over the last few months

Jazz41081635d ago (Edited 1635d ago )

Over 1000 that is way to many. I'm sorry. Have you seen the 360s indie channel after 8 years of indie games? I hope sony and its fans really plays the hell out of those thousands. If anything it will be free rentals for ps4 plus games for ps4 as that's what they seem to going towards.

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