Why do we still get gold-farmer spam in 2014?

Over the last week, we’ve logged into The Elder Scrolls Online on five consecutive days, and everytime, there was mail waiting, offering gold-farming services.

It’s not an uncommon problem in MMORPGs. In fact, it would be odd to play one without some level of spam plaguing the game, whether it's receiving a private whisper or seeing it being shouted out across public channels.

Yet it seems that, despite all the good things The Elder Scrolls Online has managed to accomplish, the game is absolutely littered with this trash. Sadly, in a world that could thrive and flourish with true immersion and benefit from genuine roleplaying experiences, more often than not, you’re instantly greeted with ‘ BUY ME NOW. 48 HOURS BEFORE GOLD IS DEPOSITED IN YOUR BANK. CHEAP RATES. TELL ME FOR MORE INFO’

And it makes Expansive wonder. How did gold-farming get so big and why is it still such a lucrative business? But perhaps more to the point, why must we put up with this continued harassment, especially when many of us are paying a subscription charge to play the game through naturally?

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