Hands-On with Bungie's Universe-Defining Destiny - AusGamers

AusGamers went hands-on with Destiny and writes:

"What I can tell you is, contrary to a few other reports, the game is anything but boring. Action comes in challenging waves, and AI looks to be Bungie-level reactive and smart, meaning you won’t always face the same scenario twice. The solo experience is one I’m very keen to experience based purely off the teamwork buff system, but even on console and with a controller I found encounters to be frenetic and visceral. Different specials obviously offer up different skills, and you can change up a character’s abilities loadout on-the-fly or before each jaunt. The idea here is that player-choice and as much variety in the replayable space as possible, be at the fore. Three times through the same Strike wasn’t a grind at all, which should make grinding less of its namesake and more of a rewarding option, if it’s an option (or requirement) at all."

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fenome1686d ago

From the aricle:

"Your Sparrow, which is the speeder-bike you’ve probably seen in screens and trailers, is a neat piece of getting around, too (I swear I even heard a direct Star Wars sound-effect when firing it up). You can call it up at any time and ride it anywhere you like. Hopefully it’s an upgradeable tool moving forward and I wouldn’t mind seeing a bit of gameplay here and there -- beyond basic transport -- brought into its usage at varying points in the game (races, anyone?)."

They've confirmed races in one of their mail sacks, trust me, I've followed this game heavily and can't wait to see more. Preferably first-hand, that beta needs to happen soon!!

Shadonic1686d ago

wonder if they'll add some sort of vehicle combat in future installments. Would love to see a sort of public event where participating fire-teams rush to a randomly spawned loot in the world and have to rush to obtain it and stay in the area to unlock the container.

fenome1686d ago

They've teased another 'speed-bike' called the "Pike" that had a machine gun on the front of it. Haven't seen it in action though, so not sure if that's just a concept or not. Vehicular combat would be the sh*t though, so hopefully they implement that!!

XtraTrstrL1686d ago

There's also personal customizable spaceships to travel to different planets in, and also holds items of yours like a mobile home. It'd be cool if there was space flight fights co-op vs cpu and competitive mp.

fenome1686d ago

Hopefully in the future, but in this one the spaceship's just for fast travel and show. You can customize it and see it, but you can't actually control it. Think of like the 'Normandy' from Mass Effect, only you can customize it and show it off to other people.

WeAreLegion1686d ago (Edited 1686d ago )

Universe defining? Are you sure that's a thing? It's not even our universe.

fenome1686d ago (Edited 1686d ago )

I'm not sure what link you were trying to put there?

It is set in our universe though, once the Traveler came it changed everything. That's why there are jungles on Venus and sand covered cities on Mars. The Traveler changed our planets and increased our life-span by 3x the normal rate. That's what promoted our 'Golden Age' and allowed us to start branching out to other planets. It also brought with it recognition from alien foes and the ultimate adversary known only as 'The Darkness'.

We start the game from being swept under the rug after out greatest advancements and have to pick up the pieces to find out for ourselves what really happened. Personally, I can't wait to see more!

WeAreLegion1686d ago

Everything I was reading on it says it's set in a different universe. That's why I was confused. Lol. Why is everyone saying that?

And the link I provided is a Google search of "universe-defining". It's not a thing.