Windows 7 info officially revealed

gadget zone reports on official comments from Microsoft high-ups on Windows 7. It covers the rumours about the release date of the new operating system, development time, and the rumour of the new kernel supposed to be used for Windows 7. It also talks about possible recommended specs for the new OS.

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Megaton5595d ago (Edited 5595d ago )

Be like XP = Win
Be like Vista = Lose

Don't mess it up.

MicroDeath SoftStar5595d ago

too late for that , everything compatible with vista has to be compatible with windows 7 which means more power hungry garbage with another layer to this train wreck of a os . xp was microsofts best OS and nothing would make things better unless MS wipe the slate clean and start from scratch (this isnt gonna ever happen) try and understand the many reasons why vista sucks people , its not because it was underdeveloped its because its One big cluttered platform with structure that just dosent work very well this day and age .

DARKKNIGHT5595d ago (Edited 5595d ago )

wait whats gonna happen to the people that spent 400 on vista ultimate 64?

oh yeah, theyll pirate windows 7 to recoup the money they lost on vista.

im no apple fan, but take this into consideration.

take the itouch, iphone mac ar whatever runs safari in a osx environment. then take a windows mobile phone, desktop laptop, whatever.

now try to open a webpage on the try to download some pron. which one is NOTICEABLY faster?

lol, so the 400dollar version of vistax64 was just a prealphabeta?
so how muchmore will windows 7 cost the prealphabeta testers. i expect the same level of marketing garbage for windows 7:

"buy windows 7 so you can play crysis2 on dx11 hardware, now you can shoot and mow down even bigger trees....dumber artificial intelligence is a free bonus"

windows 7= FAIL

gta_cb5595d ago

i am a computer technician and one of the users that felt very disapointed by Windows Vista when it was first released.

BUT i tested Vista SP1 and a month later (2day) i have been pleased with it enough that i have installed it on my primary HDD which originally had Windows XP Home.

although i am happy with it, it does still take quite a lot of memory so if you have under 1GBs of ram and plan on running games then i would advise you to buy some more.

its not a perfect OS but its getting better

xplosneer5595d ago

lol I wonder what happens after the XP cut off date. No one will buy a PC till 7 comes out. Ok, not literally, but it'll be interesting to see the consumer reaction.

And is it possible to reduce the memory footprint AND add touch functionality?!

Baka-akaB5595d ago

It just means that outside of companies , people will just use pirated xp

AceLuby5595d ago

Makes me want to go linux only. Probably will once xp is outdated...

Scrooge5595d ago

yeah, I spent 200 bucks on vista. I guess it's good that MS is admitting that vista is a pile of crap instead of going with it and trying to fix it up. I guess we can all expect windows 7 to work well if MS learns from mistakes.

Condoleezza Rice5595d ago

I wonder how they expect to convince informed consumers to adopt Vista now

Megaton5595d ago

Kinda messed up. Essentially diminishing Vista users into guinea pigs, and expecting them to upgrade again next year.

DARKKNIGHT5595d ago (Edited 5595d ago )

yeah kind of like xbox1 owners, they just got forced into buying a newer not much better console.

hey , sounds like normal m$ practices. No news here, everything according to plan.

pay for peer2peer live
windows 7

anyone see the pattern? fanboys need not reply

ianp6225595d ago

So they basically said that they used Vista to test out new things for the real, major release that is Windows 7. That makes me want to install Vista now, for sure.

I can wait two years.

Baka-akaB5595d ago (Edited 5595d ago )

I didnt like the sound of that article , even if for bad reasons (hum not really actually) vista got bad rep , dont go throwing around that vista was the basis , at least for the kernel .

People dont give a frak about how it runs compared to vista ... in worst case scenario it would be comparing a sleuth and a snail . People want something running as well as xp , in both speed and stability