Shu: Oculus Devs Are Almost Prototyping For Morpheus

Sony's Shuhei Yoshida argues that Oculus & Morpheus aren't only competitors; in fact, devs of the former are basically prototyping for the latter.

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Alexious3709d ago

I'm still not fully sold on VR (and yes, I have tried the new Oculus devkit). It won't be easy to top 4K clarity if VR still produces dizziness and graphics artifacts.

ArbitorChief3709d ago

I reckon it'll be a fad for gaming, but I do believe VR will have far more functions and usefulness outside of gaming (e.g. education, medicine, simulators, etc)

Volkama3709d ago (Edited 3709d ago )

But at the point that VR is good enough for education and business meetings etc then the fidelity will be there. Businessman and such don't want to be dizzy or sick in their meetings and simulations.

It would be a natural evolution of the tech to make the virtual environments more fantastical than real life. At that point it will essentially become gaming.

Whether Morpheus can herald an age of VR gaming or not, we'll reach that destination anyway.

kaiserfranz3709d ago

Well, in order to become useful outside of gaming they will have to solve those issues nonetheless. And at that point, it will absolutely be great for gaming

Rhythmattic3709d ago (Edited 3709d ago )

The moment I first had access and played a VR game circa 91 (W Industries) , I was sold..........

In comparison to todays 2D tech it had Low res graphics and laggy az, but I tell you, an experience I've never forgot to this day. Absolute emersion...

Gazondaily3709d ago

I believe VR is the future. I just think it depends on the execution.

kaiserfranz3709d ago

Yeah, that's the fondamental thing. I believe Project Morpheus won't launch until they have ironed out most of the longstanding issues with VR, because they know it could never truly explode otherwise.

UltraNova3709d ago

It will be very difficult to enter the market with such new tech. VR will demand a lot of getting used to by the consumer usually a not very good place to be in but Sony's been in a bad spot before and they came through by offering what the consumers really valued.

"All" they need to do is add some of that ps4 secret sauce in the mix and they'll have a winner. Plus a lot of full on VR games of course.

Rhythmattic3709d ago

I think when you use words like "execution" it relates to ideas that have an unfamiliar scope.... Like motion gaming...... Wii, Kinect , Move.... The implementation has many variants/inputs...

However... VR is exactly what I expect it to be....

A peripheral vision 3D experience.

That, I believe, is what is.

elhebbo163709d ago

Obviously since Oculus allows developers and people interested in the rift to try it out and work with it unlike the morpheus which is all locked up and top secret.

mkis0073709d ago

Top secret? Devs have access to it already! Just not the common devs. Even some special indies have access.

elhebbo163709d ago

Exactly, only big developers and SOME indies. unlike Oculus with its open policy.

mkis0073709d ago

ok...but it wasn't a crowd-funded product. Public has a right seeing as how they funded it. Meanwhile all that work on Oculus will be compatible for Morpheus, which is what Shue is saying.

mkis0073709d ago

Shu is a smart man. His logic is sound and it doesn't come off as a slight to Oculus. If Morpheus was announced as pc compatible...then they would have a serious issue.

Somebody3709d ago

They have effectively blocked OR's chance of gaining a foothold on the PS4 with Morpheus but I don't think Sony be releasing it for the PC anytime soon.

Sony released the PS4 controller for the PC without an official driver. Kinect dev kit was released for the PC with just some wild ideas from experimenters(not many were even game devs) but no official products even with Kinect 2.0.

I guess consoles do need the PC, after all. Next gen consoles wouldn't have existed without PC hardware and some of the hotly anticipated console games are based on genres the PC kept alive all these years(MMOs, F2Ps, indie and survival horror). Now we are literally watching console makers just waiting, circling around, for the next big thing PC is offering and ready to claim as their own.

AndrewLB3709d ago

So basically Sony is bragging about how much they're going to benefit from all the hard work put in by Oculus.

WeAreLegion3709d ago

Not at all. Shu is saying that having at least two major VR headsets on the market will give developers more security, leading to a larger VR market.

aliengmr3709d ago

No, they are competing for the same space. That "space" doesn't exist yet. Not only that, they are on different platforms. And given how expensive VR will be over the next few years the markets in the beginning will much more defined.

That's what they both want at the start. Sony builds a foundation for a market on consoles and OVR builds one on the PC. Once an overall market becomes a reality, then they can start pushing for the same "spaces", whatever they may be.

Sony has they right ideas here. They are being very serious about VR. They know that trying to be the "winner" will only be bad for VR. Its going to take slowly building a market where one doesn't exist.

VR is going to be a tough sell, and while I have no interest in the Morpheus, I am thankful it exists. Without it VR has no chance. Same is true for the Rift. With both, VR has a fighting chance.


Sony Rewards Program Is Coming To An End on Dec. 31, 2024

Sony Interactive Entertainment has announced that it is ending the Sony Rewards program on December 31, 2024, and as a result that date will be the last time possible to redeem points and access your account.

helicoptergirl5d ago

This is a shame. I've been using it since the start. It had a few problems and issues but overall I did end up saving a little bit over 60 dollars using this program. There was probably not enough people using it.

Cacabunga4d ago

Is it playstation stars?? I really never understood it. I am still level 1

PS_HCT4d ago

This is not playstation stars. Sony Rewards is a US rewards program linked to a visa credit card.

darthv724d ago

I just checked... I have 144 points at the moment. Not even enough to get a $5 PS card. I can get a $1 digital gift card to Target or home Depot though.

blackblades4d ago (Edited 4d ago )

I thought they were been done with this, I redeem some good stuff with this in the past. Wonder how much i got its been awhile

OtterX5d ago

I've gotten so many free games throughout the years w this program, this sucks. I've been with it since the beginning.

I just run a majority of my needed purchases through it and pay it off immediately instead of using cash or debit. The most recent was on Tuesday I got a $10 dlc free. It was great as long you're not borrowing out large amounts of money that you don't have.

ChasterMies4d ago

Realistically, those weren’t free games. You could have used another cards rewards points or bought Sony products on sale and then used the savings to buy PlayStation games.

OtterX4d ago (Edited 4d ago )

Well there was a large boost on any purchase made on PSN, so there was an incentive to use over other cards' rewards. It used to be better, then they lowered it. I forget the exact multiplier though.

I pretty much got this $10 DLC free this week just by resubbing my PS+ Premium. (On sale during Days of Play) Not a lot of other cards would give that much back

dumahim4d ago

Right. I can do the same thing with my credit card rewards, but I have much more flexibility in what I can redeem those points for, including buying PS games.

shadowT4d ago

I never owned the credit card. Was this program available in Europe and Asia?