What Is HDCP And Why Sony Is Removing It From the PS4

Sony are allowing gamers to disable HDCP for PS4 games. We explain what HDCP is, what it does, why it is being removed and what effect it will have on gamers

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GiantEnemyCrab1635d ago

With this effect that horrible Cinavia garbage? Which often kills the audio in my LEGIT rips I have of my library on my PC. Hrm, well I guess the PS4 would have to be able to see my PC first.. Step backwards if you ask me.

NerdBurglars1635d ago

no its nothing to do with that. Cinavia is installed on the ps3 and is a piece of software. HDCP is copy protection that is put on HDMI video signals.

Cinavia does suck though but they wont be getting rid of this

JackOfAllBlades1634d ago

This is good news for people with capture cards

Septic1634d ago

I can't wait till its removed. Almost pulled my hair out trying to use a splitter to bypass the HDCP protection.

AndrewLB1634d ago

How is Sony going to square this with all the movie studios who have contracts with sony to protect the content on bluray discs via HDCP?

ShAkKa1634d ago

@AndrewLB HDCP has to be enabled in order to play Blu Ray movies so movie studios have nothing to complain about.

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buffalo10661635d ago

The PS4 cant play videos from a USB storage device so Cinavia isn't relevant any more

rajman1634d ago

Cinavia can still be picked up on Blu Ray backups

kingPoS1634d ago

HDCP kills the Video if HDMI feed is diverted.
Cinavia kills the Audio if it's not official.

Hope that cleared things up.

Gateway MT6706 2008

BaconBits1634d ago

Hmm. Correct me if I am wrong but I thought Cinavia prevents the video from playing at all not just the audio. My understanding is that yes it is a water mark on the audio that the ps3/ps4 recognizes and gives you the "warning".
I remember getting the "this content is protected" message when trying to play a file.

maniacmayhem1634d ago

Yea, that Cinavia is complete garbage and it's a shame because I usually use my PS3 to watch movies I stream from my computer.

randomass1711634d ago

HDCP refers primarily to the copy protection on the HDMI ports. Glad lifting the restriction. Honest question though, I'm unfamiliar with Cinavia. Would anyone be willing to shed some light on that for me and anyone else who may not know what it is?

kingPoS1634d ago

Cinavia is basically an embedded audio watermark. No matter how many times you try to scrub it away, it's sticks around like a wad of gum in your hair.

Gateway MY6706 2008

Muzikguy1634d ago

I had no idea what Cinavia was either, thanks

randomass1711634d ago

Thanks very much kingPoS. :) Bubble for being helpful.

dontbhatin1634d ago

The main issue with cinavia is the fact that it usually goes 30 min into a movie fine and then it happens. If its gonna do it why not just do it at the beginning and not ruin the movie for us halfway through?

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DJMarty1634d ago (Edited 1634d ago )

GiantEnemyCrab - No such thing as legit rips, a rip is a rip so not the original(pirate copy).

Cinavia does exactly what it's ment to do, stop piracy.

Toadsanime1634d ago

Uh, not quite.

Here in Europe at least, it's fully legal to rip music/films from content that you've already paid for.

Muzikguy1634d ago

I disagree. Attempting to stop piracy by actions such as this just leads to more piracy. Why would someone have to buy the same movie multiple times when they can just buy it once and rip it to play wherever they want to? Also, what gives any company a right to tell you what to do with the things you legally purchase?! Just my thoughts

wannabe gamer1634d ago

you are allowed to make a copy of your originals so there are legit rips.

Soldierone1634d ago

Not really, pirates are good at getting around it so whenever my legit digital copy doesn't work, I just go to a pirate site and get one that will.

Pretty stupid that I pay for a movie and still get treated like a criminal.

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ITPython1634d ago

Cinavia was definitely some annoying stuff, although it could be slightly circumvented on the PS3 by setting the PS3's clock forward an hour or two each time it dropped the audio, which usually meant you could watch for another 20 minuets before it kicked in again.

Annoying, but it does work (at least it did the last time I tried it).

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incendy351635d ago

It should have never been enforced globally to begin with. It is up to the content creators if they want to enforce HDCP, not the machine. I don't have any issues with any developers or producers who want to require HDCP, but that is something they need to decide, not Sony.

DragonKnight1635d ago

Given that it is Sony's machine, and Sony likely wants HDCP on their HD movies, then yes it is Sony's right to enforce it.

incendy351634d ago

They can still enforce it on their movies and games if they want. You can require it in on your content. That is how it works on PC's and most bluray players and X1. It is up to the content providers to require it.

DragonKnight1634d ago

PC is a platform nobody owns and nobody can control. That method is the only method that would work for PC. Sony owns the PS4, and it is much easier to have blanket enforcement than it is catered enforcement. Again, Sony's machine means Sony's rules. They could have just as easily prevented any form of media playback on the machine entirely. Same goes for Microsoft or Nintendo, and we all know how much Nintendo loves allowing movie playback on their consoles.

randomass1711634d ago

Wii U has Netflix and Hulu right? That's perplexing given that Wii U plays Wii U Bluray derivative discs and Wii DVDs. Wonder why it has streaming but not playback. Hmm...

UltraNova1634d ago (Edited 1634d ago )


Honest question, did you support MS’s DRM and always online enforcement when they announced it last year? Cause you seem pretty supportive of such actions.

DragonKnight1634d ago

@UltraNova: No, I didn't, especially because that is an entirely different situation. Microsoft weren't trying to prevent illegal actions, they were trying to kill the used market and decide who people could sell and buy products from. I don't necessarily support HDCP either, I'm merely stating that Sony's rights supercede the rights of content providers when it comes to their (Sony) own machine so they shouldn't have to create an option that allows for catered enforcement or lack thereof entirely.

UltraNova1634d ago


But you must agree that such liberal use of content regulation by any platform owner, however rightful they might feel could only lead to consumer dissatisfaction and further restriction for a product they will purchase.

Its a two way street really, but one thing is for sure, we the consumers wont be the ones to benefit in the end.

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DragonKnight1635d ago


HDCP stands for High Definition Copy Protection.

It is being removed because its inclusion in the PS4 prevented gameplay recording via external capture methods.

What I find amusing is that HDCP proves that graphics and visual fidelity are the priority over all things.

For movies, this isn't an issue creatively, for games it's quite sad that graphics are the top priority these days.

I say this because HDCP only affects the copying and playback of high definition content over HDMI and doesn't prevent 720p or 1080i copying over component. It's like saying "sure, you can copy this movie/game, but you won't be able to do it at full HD MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!" ;

kingPoS1634d ago (Edited 1634d ago )

Unfortunately, the PS4 no longer has an analog AV out. (miss it dearly) Those with monitor setups have to get creative with their audio setups. You'd be surprised at how many still use rca (red & white) cables for sound. Headphones or TV's can only do so much when you want room shaking sound.

Gateway MT6706 2008

Give_me_head_strong1634d ago

Is there an adapter available to allow HDMI to Component conversion? The reason I ask is because my old Vizio 32' HDTV only allows native 1080p signal through Component. HDMI signal is limited to 720p for some reason on my particular model..

thereapersson1634d ago

KingPoS, you are correct. I have a pair of Sony SSM7 floorstanding speakers and they are hooked up to a Sansui AU-717 amplifier, which is analog only. Very clean, powerful solid state amplifier and great 3 way speakers but I can't run the setup through my PS4 unless I get a D/A converter. Thus, ironically, the PS3 gets used for all my media needs. Shame on Sony for removing analog audio inputs!

wannabe gamer1634d ago

yea i use a monitor for PC and PS3. i use HDMI from PS3 to monitor and luckily my monitor has an audio out. so i run a stereo cable from the monitor to another stero cable that goes to my speakers. so i unplug pc and plug in ps3 when using ps3. i tried a splitter to have pc and ps3 both plugged in and not have to fool with swapping the plugs. didnt work tho as it would get really static sounding or just very odd sound in general with any splitters.

Sy_Wolf1634d ago

It actually stands for High-Bandwidth Digital Content Protection because the people that named it are stupid. It isn't enforced over component (which can display 1080p) or composite because it's a technology built for HDMI. That's why the industry loves HDMI so much.

DragonKnight1634d ago

@kingPoS: I know that feel. I use RCA for audio as well and can't do so for the PS4 so I have to rely on my tv's speakers and it's definitely NOT the same.

@Sy_Wolf: Oh wow, you're right, it does stand for that. What the hell kind of a name is that, and it uses an inappropriate anagram to boot.

iagainsti1201634d ago (Edited 1634d ago )

I have a analog audio setup Klipsch 2.1 pro media speakers so i found this it's a very good investment.

After a lot of research i have found this is the best performing Optical to analog converter for the money.

kingPoS1634d ago (Edited 1634d ago )

I know right, it's only made worse with TV manufactor phasing out the analog outputs from current TV's. (luv those 2010 sammies)

And if you don't have a TV, a toslink or HDMI ready amp... no sound for you.
(baring headset use of course)

Gateway MT6706 2008

DragonKnight1634d ago

I actually have a tv without the analog outputs too. It's really ridiculous, and you know it costs next to nothing to include thouse inputs into the tv, they just want to phase it out and that's wrong.

iagainsti1201634d ago

I have a analog audio setup Klipsch 2.1 pro media speakers so i found this it's a very good investment.

After a lot of research i have found this is the best performing Optical to analog converter for the money.

randomass1711634d ago

"For movies, this isn't an issue creatively, for games it's quite sad that graphics are the top priority these days."

Completely true. Compare Toy Story to Toy Story 3. The CGI is obviously far more dated, but the movie has aged quite well IMO. With games these days, people seem to get pretty antsy if games aren't super realistic which is sad indeed. I like the indie scene because they offer a lot more diversity.

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GetPwneddd1634d ago

For those without a hdtv this is great, allows for any hdmi to component converter to be used or even a hdmi to a/v. Perfect considering my 57" had its hdmi go out about 2 weeks ago.

iagainsti1201634d ago (Edited 1634d ago )

sorry didn't mean to reply to you.

Agent_hitman1634d ago (Edited 1634d ago )

That HDCP thing reminds me of the PS3 and the PC monitor. You can plug or hook your PS3 to PC monitor via HDMI to HDMI or HDMI to DVI cable especially if your monitor supports HDCP. If it doesn't support that feature then it won't work... Good thing is, your audio source will be on the composite cable or RCA..

I think you can do the same thing on the PS4.

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