The PlayStation Vita How Has It Fared In Over 2 years?

Handheld Lover writes, "To pop things off sells wise the PlayStation Vita has sold 8 million consoles. Which isn’t very good compared to it’s rival the Nintendo 3DS. The reasons are many as to why the PlayStation Vita isn’t a blazing sells success. For starters there aren’t a good amount of games that appeal to western audiences, meaning a lack of third and first person shooters and sports titles. Also Sony’s own lack of quality first party titles is very apparent. As is the fact either it’s good or bad game quality of games ported from consoles to this handheld. One cannot forget the severely hampered by Sony operating system that the PlayStation Vita utilizes, which is nowhere as good as Android. Or the fact that one must own both a PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 in order to get the full experience of the multi-talents the PS Vita is capable of."

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hellzsupernova3069d ago

it has treated me pretty well. I have no major complaints. More support from third parties would be great. Like another AC, Madden, and other yearly releases that could attach the saves and take your madden/Fifa team on the go and that sort of stuff wouldve helped the vita a lot in the main stream I feel.
Also if sony got
Final Fantasy
God of War
and all the other major support they got for the psp the vita would be way better off

Alex_Boro3069d ago

Best hardware of any console I have ever used. Software is underrated in my opinion. A good portable if you already have a 3ds.

TheLastGuardian3069d ago

Why did you add "if you already have a 3DS"? I don't have a 3DS and I absolutely love the Vita.

savaroth3069d ago

"Why did you add "if you already have a 3DS"? I don't have a 3DS and I absolutely love the Vita. "

Perhaps it would read better if it said: "A good portable EVEN if you already have a 3DS"

I bought my Vita before i bought a 3DS ( Don't really like the 3DS screens, but it just has a bunch of awesome games that are not available on the vita, like Bravely Default, Fire emblem, SMT Devil Survivor , etc.

Anyway I like both consoles, each for different reasons.

Alex_Boro3069d ago

I say 3DS first since it shits on the Vita when it comes to games, but the Vita has an extremely solid lineup.

TheLastGuardian3068d ago (Edited 3068d ago )

Basically what you said was "Vita is only good if you already own a 3DS" which makes no damn sense. As if somehow owning a 3DS makes the Vita better.

"I say 3DS first since it shits on the Vita when it comes to games"

My fanboy senses are tingling. The Vita has more games than the 3DS in almost a years less time. Wikipedia it if you don't believe me. Then if we don't count shovelware the Vita has practically double the number of games as the 3DS. I know, I know, quantity =/= quality. I won't say one shits on the other, why would I when they're both great? I'll just say the Vita's library is much more appealing to my tastes.

Alex_Boro3068d ago

I basically said both are great. My opinion is that you should get a 3DS first. Yeah, I do know they are two different types of portables and one or the other might not be for you. We can argue for days about which has a better lineup, but generally the 3DS is to me with all the games it has. Also, we aren't really seeing any new games (excluding ports) for vita outside of JRPGs this year so yeah...

MightyNoX3069d ago

It's been a slow start but now my Vita's rarely off. Both remote play and a slew of Japanese titles makes it a terrific handheld.

Mcardle3069d ago

Currently my favourite gaming machine, though it does seem to be mainly ports of games I have missed that I play.

TheGrimReaper00113069d ago

Still wish for more AAA games, but right now it's my Hatsune Miku Project Dive f machine :p

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