Deus Ex: Human Revolution Recreated In Unreal Engine 4 - Flythrough Video Will Blow You Away

Remember those amazing screenshots from the reworked Deus Ex: Human Revolution environment in Unreal Engine 4? Well, time see that map in motion. Polycount’s member ‘Disting‘ has released a video, showing off the amazing detail that can be achieved with Epic’s next-gen engine.

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Iamnemesis48802542d ago

awesome looks real fine to me

NVIDIAGeek2542d ago

UE3 could do this, if it was so polished and concentrated only on one environment. But the games tell differently.

If this was gameplay, I'd be impressed greatly. But still, this looks great.

sourav932541d ago

Enough of these articles! Everyday there are at least 2 articles about game A running on engine B, and how amazing it looks.

NarooN2541d ago

Yeah, I agree lol. And they always have the sensationalist wording as well "This will blow you away" "Mind-blowing video showcase blah in x engine!" etc.

Grown Folks Talk2541d ago

I'd like to see Remember Me done in this engine.

Salooh2541d ago

Now that's impressive not like the other ones :)

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