New Custom Map Proves That Unreal Engine 4 Is Capable Of CG Quality Visuals

Artist ‘Orihaus’ has been hard at work creating a new, impressive environment in Unreal Engine 4. This map is so promising and so cool that the official UnrealEngine Twitter has been constantly supporting it. Orihaus has released a new set of images from the latest version of his environment, showing off visuals that come really close to CG quality.

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porkChop1633d ago

It looks great but I wouldn't go as far as saying it's CG quality. Early 2000's CG? Maybe. Modern CG? No, we're still quite far from achieving that kind of quality in real time.

1633d ago
brich2331633d ago

Early CG wasnt even 1080p. If they wanted to make a CG game at 640x480, it would be doable, easily. Especially on cryengine, did you play ryse?

Give_me_head_strong1633d ago

I want real time Beowulf (the movie) quality graphics, then I can die happy. Actually, Beowulf quality graphics in real time while playing with a VR headset in 4K would be the pinnacle of my gaming existence, to be exact..

Magicite1633d ago

No, this actually looks very close to modern CG, also You can check project cars latest videos, they are nearly realistic.

ATi_Elite1633d ago (Edited 1633d ago )

CG quality my ARSE.

Screenshots are cool but I'm more concerned with what this engine can do once it's filled with NPC's using Advance A.I., Physics, all the eye candy, and high quality controls along with destruction.

Show me video of that instead of trying to wow me static screenshots of underpopulated scenery.

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PLASTICA-MAN1633d ago (Edited 1633d ago )

The way Indie are using this engine is better than full fledged devs.

starchild1633d ago

Yep, the tools are getting so good that it doesn't take a huge team with a massive budget to create outstanding real-time graphics. The Forest is another example of that, I think. It was made by a small team, but the visuals rival the best.

NovusTerminus1633d ago

The UE4 and CryEngine 3 are gonna bring a new front to indie devs, with great ideas for gaming and now with 2 AAA gaming engines affordable the games will be even better.

rodiabloalmeida1633d ago

CryEngine 3 can't be compared to UE4. UE4 is more powerfull and more flexible, much beyond some people might think. Propably most of people will only notice that when the games start to coming out.

PLASTICA-MAN1633d ago (Edited 1633d ago )

I am working with UE4 and I can confirm it, the engine wows even its devs, sometimes they could not imagine that something like xxx or yyy can be done with it and I know what I am yalking about.

And every tool or plugin or program or company is supporitng it now and you can get unbelievable results.

NovusTerminus1633d ago

I was not comparing the two, however some might be turned off by UE4's Royalty fee's and last time I checked the way it is written is that if a UE4 (at the time UDK) game goes through Kickstarter then Epic gets their money right off the top of your funding and then again once you start selling your game.

Tis why I didn't stick with them, But I will not deny the UE4's power.