Kickers Corner – Havoc Your Way: The Chaos Years [Expansive]

The new game from Option 4 Studios, launched on Kickstarter on 24th April 2014. Option 4 Studios is a small start-up consisting of experienced professionals in digital media and development. Richard Armitage is Lead Designer with over 10 years in graphic design and spent his childhood and teenage years creating game graphics on the ZX Spectrum and Commodore Amiga.

Nipper, Feud, Spy vs Spy and many more which involved creating mischief and/or adversaries to compete against. Ever wanted to decide whether you’re a good or bad guy in life? Have you dreamt of being the king of mischief or the saint of saintliness? Saint or sinner? Hero or antihero? You choose at the tender age of six outside of school. But beware, whichever path you choose, your adversary, Brian, will take the opposite, battling against you for points.

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