Indie Developer Simon Roth Claims YouTubers Attempt to Extort Him for Sales Revenue

Hardcore Gamer: While the indie boom of the past few years has been great for the industry as a whole, there's been some suspicious activities going on behind the scenes. We've seen things ranging from accusations of gaming outlets requesting indie publishers pay them to review the game to top level YouTube personalities being paid off to do Let's Play videos. Apparently there is even more going on than we realized, however, as indie developer Simon Roth has leveraged accusations that tie-in to the former issue.

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ValKilmer1633d ago

Wow, this is terrible. So whenever I see an indie game on a top or mid-tier channel now, I'll know it's just an add. Looking at you, pewdiepie.

hellzsupernova1633d ago

I was assuming that almost all of his lets plays were paid promotion to be honest.

Ittoryu1633d ago

They are he has 5 million viewers

annus1633d ago

Did you really think he made that much money and wasn't paid to promote? I thought this was common knowledge.

hellzsupernova1633d ago

I read somewhere that he gets over $40K a day just from ads. Im not sure if they is all his or if that gets split up to google, his publisher and him but yeah crazy amount of money.

ddgaming8201633d ago

People just being greedy.

DanielGearSolid1633d ago

It was only a matter time

Everything gets shady once dem dollar bills start moving

xx4xx1633d ago

The thought of YouTube 'stars' is ridiculously idiotic. However, sounds like the developer wants his publicity without paying for it. No such thing as free press.

ValKilmer1633d ago

Isn't sending them a copy of the game enough?

hellzsupernova1633d ago

I would be happy to play an indie game if they sent it to me for free. but i dont have a youtube channel

porkChop1633d ago

Huh? YouTubers are refusing to do Let's Plays or post videos of his game unless he gives them shares of the games revenue. That's extortion. How is that right in any way? They didn't make the game, they deserve none of the games revenue. They already monetize their videos on YouTube, and now they just want even more money. It's just plain greed.

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