Driveclub: Super-Exotic Convertible Savage Rivale Confirmed to Be in the Game

Driveclub is going to have a definitely exotic line-up of rides, but apparently Evolution Studios is really going all the way with the exotic.

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Skate-AK1631d ago

Wow. I have never heard of this car. Looks nice.

showtimefolks1631d ago

can't wait fall 2014 can't get here fast enough

porkChop1631d ago

Damn, that's one beautiful car.

Bathyj1631d ago

Ha. Road yacht. Hows that roof? Some people have to much money.

Bathyj1631d ago

Its also How's, but you missed that one.

Bathyj1631d ago

Oh snap.

Damn, I thought I checked that too.

iceman061631d ago

I new wat yu wer tlking abuot!!! LOL

Bathyj1631d ago

It's I knew what you were talking about, laugh out loud.

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