Xbox 360 HD-DVD works fine on any platform

It's possible to connect the Toshiba drive to any desktop computer of any make via the USB connector and access its filesystem. But was this really unexpected?

Last Saturday Xbox-Scene picked up on a release by blueprint stating the following:

[…] the most important thing is were now able to read the UDF (Universal Disc Filesystem) v2.5 which is currently used by the Toshiba Corp with there first generation HD-DVDRom drives. You can see the entire contents of the HD-DVD Media when in the drive. […] these are literally Toshiba Corp drivers for the file system used with HD-DVD. We did not create these drivers ourselves, so we cannot modify them, however there availability is limited to specific machines which were familiar with from our places of business, and we will continue to get the latest updates of these drivers and make them available to you as they're released to us."

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PS360PCROCKS4445d ago

Lol awesome if this thing can be hooked up to any stereo system that's funny as hell, because than yep it's now a $200 HD-DVD player...

THWIP4445d ago

Um, no....that's not what this is saying AT ALL.

But anyway....

I picked one up at Wal-Mart Sunday (impulse buy...I wanted to see King Kong again anyway, and I knew the promotion was about to end, and they had 2 left). DEFINITELY worth the $$ (especially with the free King Kong, and Wal-Mart's price low price of $196). Basically, I got the player for $170, since I wanted King Kong anyway; HD movies, in my living room, for less than $200! :D

PS360PCROCKS4445d ago

Oh, well it mentions taking over the place over stereo systems but oh well, I want one of these but is it really worth it? are the movies like blow me away sick?

big_tim4445d ago (Edited 4445d ago )

There could be a way to hook it up to the PS3. I would require a hombrew app, but it could happen.

MicroGamer4445d ago

Given how Sony keeps updating the ROMS in the PSP to prevent homebrew software and games, I seriously doubt they will allow PS3 owners to play HD-DVD's on the PS3 when they are busy promoting a competing standard on store shelves. Using the PSP as an example, why would you buy Sony's UMD movies, if you can upload ripped copies from your PC and save them to your memory stick?? They want you buying Blu-Ray movies to play in your PS3, not HD-DVD.

MicroGamer4445d ago (Edited 4445d ago )

This is something that is going to really help sell the peripheral. Peripherals usually end up languishing in console hell because nobody will buy or develop for them because of the risks involved. It is a vicious circle. Nobody will buy the peripheral because it has no support, but nobody will support the peripheral because nobody is buying it. By not making the HD-DVD player proprietary, Microsoft is going to pick up more sales even from people who don't even own an XBOX 360, which will give video producers more incentive to support the HD-DVD format. It also gives people who buy just the player a reason to go out and buy a 360. My hope is that enough 360 owners will buy the peripheral so that game developers will be able to utilize some the advantages of HD-DVD for games instead of only releasing games in the standard 360 DVD format.