New PS4 Exclusive Game Announced: Without Memory, a Thriller in Unreal Engine 4 by Dinosaurum Games

Russian Developer Dinosaurum Games just announced the development of a new PS4 exclusive game, Without Memory, set for release in 2016.

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Iltapalanyymi2368d ago

definitely keeping an eye on this one.

Abriael2368d ago

yeah, me too, if anything the genre is something you don't see often.

Moe-Gunz2368d ago


Don't see often doesn't mean don't see at all.

Sethry1012368d ago

Looks very interesting!

zeee2368d ago (Edited 2368d ago )

Quantic Dreams have achieved something incredible. They have not only created some great experiences but also helped define a brand new genre. Interactive storytelling can be extremely effective and we have a working proof in shape of Heavy Rain and Beyond. I haven't played Beyond Two Souls yes but I absolutely loved Heavy Rain!

I am not saying that Quantic Dreams are the pioneers in interactive storytelling games because I have no clue about it but, they sure did create games that went on to inspire other developers and gamers alike.

Hats off to Quantic Dreams! Also, let us not forget that it was Sony that helped them realize that dream. Even in one of their worst financial years, they took a big risk by supporting QD. This is one of the major reasons why Sony's been doing so well with the gamers. Not only have they been clear with their message but have also taken actions to back up their words and establish trust within gamers.

It's sad to see Nintendo and MS holding back even when they have billions to invest. Imagine the games we'd be experiencing if the other companies were also brave like Sony. This is no fanboy talk. I just think that we should give credit when it is due and support the companies with proven track record. I also sincerely hope that Sony will keep practicing what they did before and that MS and Nintendo will rethink their strategies and invest in new experiences and IPs instead of milking the same games generations after generations.

Kingthrash3602368d ago

game news...not update news...this is why i like my purchase.
i'll buy a x1 when they start giving more new game release news than "update" news. thats not to say sony hasn't had update news..(largest update ever to come tomorrow) but they have been announcing games as well.
i love me some halo...but halo2 is the only game on the horizon that wasn't at e3...i'm waiting ms.

..This is the consumer in me speaking...not the gamer. this is not a hater comment. this is just my stance on the matter. BRING THEM GAMES along with these updates.

UltraNova2367d ago

Finally! I love mature games, you know the ones you need to use more than 2 brain neurons to play...

OT: This guy talks a lot I hope he is not hyping his game only to underdeliver in the end.

Sitdown2367d ago

Did you really just say that Nintendo holds back? I'm sorry, but that does make you seem like a fanboy. Yes Nintendo might lean on Mario, but clearly the gameplay is not the same as you see in a Uncharted or God of War. Nintendo did something different hardware wise with the Wii... Where Microsoft and Sony pretty much just added more power. Other companies are brave like Sony..... Some people just disagree with their direction in being brave.

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mo2412368d ago

they serious?
why just dont tease it next year then damn.*cough* ubisoft *cough*

TitanUp2368d ago

ill try to forget about this game, no use in worrying about something so far off.

B_Real2367d ago

2016, that's a long time. Plenty of games have been announced and never seen the light of day in 2 years. I only care about what is coming out this fall, and next spring. I have a feeling The Order is going to get delayed, so Sony better have more than just DriveClub coming out this Fall. I will wait to judge until E3, but 2016 release dates are not what I want to hear about. I plan on buying a PS4 this Fall, and the only game so far I'm interested in playing is Infamous.

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zebramocha2368d ago (Edited 2368d ago )

@llt So your saying you won't forget this... You'll won't be without memory. :)

smashman982368d ago

The last game that had something to do with memory in it's title was completely forgotten about and sold little to no copies

Edsword2367d ago

Oh man, without memory reminds me of when I first bought a PS2 and didn't realize I needed a memory card. Had to go back to the store.

Lightning Mr Bubbles2367d ago

Sounds like another damn Beyond Two Souls crap. Playstation first party studios need to work on their themes. Make games about better stuff

kenshiro1002367d ago

Sitdown, relax. I don't think he was taking a dig at Nintendo.

BallsEye2367d ago

Sounds interesting but why to announcea game that Will be out somewhere in 2016? Its 2 years Or more still. Dont want another GT waiting Or even last Guardian. Rather wanna hear more about Games that are due this year.

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GrandpaSnake2368d ago

sounds promising, looks like they're starting to let them roll out. brace yourselves!

TheTowelBoy2368d ago

Hmm. Thriller.. interesting.

DigitalRaptor2368d ago

We need more adventure thriller games.

Concept looks interesting, I hope they can match it with the UE4 tools.

BitbyDeath2368d ago

I saw that first and thought oh sweet a dinosaur game... oh

DigitalRaptor2368d ago

PS4 is already getting a dinosaur game - Primal Carnage: Genesis.

Not to worry, PS4 is getting diversity in all aspects.

GameDev12368d ago

Is this an inside joke or what?

I_am_Batman2367d ago (Edited 2367d ago )

I'm a little sceptical about it being a russian developer. I've seen a couple of good russian games but most of them are mediocre imo. I'll keep an eye on it anyway. Maybe this will turn out to be a great game. You never know.

The project sounds ambitious that's for sure.

Mr-Dude2368d ago

Looks very interesting. Getting good vibes from the concept art