You’ll Reach Destiny’s Max Level in “Only a Few Hours”

GoodGameBro writes, "Yesterday, an embargo was lifted for a plethora of media coverage for Destiny. With so much information coming out it’s only right that certain pieces were lost. A Destiny forum has come across some rather interesting information regarding the max level for characters, however."

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Kevin263851633d ago

It seems like they are really putting the focus of the game on exploration and discovering weapons and gear rather than leveling up and automatically receiving them.

ZodTheRipper1633d ago

It's an interesting design choice but I would still prefer a higher level cap AND the focus on gear ...this basically limits the amount of customization and character development which COULD be a shortcoming in the end. I will not judge it till I play it though.

alexkoepp1633d ago

This game just gets more disappointing every day...

Septic1633d ago (Edited 1633d ago )

Probably for pvp balance too. [website isnt working for me]

But still...kinda lame imo.

Webbyy1633d ago

well that kinda sucks :-/

-Foxtrot1633d ago

I know but they can still do both

They could easily make the game about exploration and discovering weapons/gear AND focus on levelling up

People always like to aim towards something

OrangePowerz1633d ago (Edited 1633d ago )

Not sure why people are disappointed. From the description it sounds like gaining better abilities will still take a considerable time and so does getting better equipment, it just doesn't contain all those filler fetch quests every MMO has.

As someone who played a very long time WoW and other MMOs I'm fine with shorter levelling. I find levelling often to be there as a filler to stretch the play time. So by the sounds of what they say on the site, they just don't have that filler and people can get faster into the actual game.

porkChop1633d ago (Edited 1633d ago )

They don't have to give you weapons or gear for leveling up. Your stats should go up and your skills should get upgraded. Or give other types of rewards for levels.

Why even have levels at all if it's so fast to reach max?

I mean it's not that big of a deal and the game still looks awesome. It's just an odd choice I think. Doesn't make me any less excited for the game though.

UltraNova1633d ago (Edited 1633d ago )

This might be Activision and their Micro-transaction thirst in action people. Think about it for a minute why allow capping off in such a short time when you try market a huge game like Destiny? Maybe to make you pay for the next 20 levels?

I dont know, what I know is beware of Activision.

inveni01633d ago

I'd rather be as good as I can be quickly and then find better tools for my skills than constantly be trying to reach a level cap.

Muzikguy1633d ago

@Ultra I was sort of getting that same feeling. Hopefully that's not the case

showtimefolks1633d ago


couldn't have said it better myself.

music to my ears:

From the description it sounds like gaining better abilities will still take a considerable time and so does getting better equipment, it just doesn't contain all those filler fetch quests every MMO has.

MaxKruger1633d ago

I don't know how many people will see this but DeeJ, Bungie's own community manager, flat out refuted this on Reddit.

N4Flamers1633d ago (Edited 1633d ago )

@orangepowerz thank you. Thats exactly what I thought. Faster leveling also eliminates you having a ton of out dated guns and equipment. This game is like borderlands but without you having to go try and find the same gun you like at a higher level.

I agree 100% that leveling is just filler. You can also experience an entire class fully without wasting a week leveling them up.

ZombieKiller1633d ago

You know I kind of like that idea. Lets see how it pans out first but what about experience based on discovery? Kind of like Borderlands with it's gun levels (despite being able to use them at certain levels yourself) the idea that what you find is how powerful you become.

I'm always open to new ideas like that. Willing to take the risk for what I think the reward will be. Bring it on Bungie!

randomass1711632d ago

That's a neat idea! That means players' characters will be on equal footing and you can differentiate based on guns, abilities and gear. A strange concept, but one I'd like to executed well. If anyone can do it, I think it's Bungie.

spe3dstar1632d ago

i don't think leveling should matter on an game like this. for what it's worth it should focus on the types of loot you get. i find it more rewarding than grinding enemies based on you're level just to level up. it would force people to explore and literally use their skills as a gamer.

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DoomeDx1633d ago

Read the article. They explain why. Stop reading just the headline

Shadonic1633d ago

I remember a website did an experiment on how many people actually read the articles past the titles. In the experiment they had some semi current day issue" why aren't out kids reading? !!! " or something like that and what was actually written in the article were instructions saying that for anyone whose actually read past the Title to not comment. You should of seen how many people commented young and old.

Biggest1633d ago

NPR did that for April Fools Day.

Mystogan1633d ago

Why put in a level system at all if you can max it in a few hours?

Kenshin_BATT0USAI1633d ago

What? Why would it matter if you could max level a character quick? Take a level 50 item level 60 character in FF14 and compare it to a level 50 item level 90 character, they are worlds apart. If loot is gonna be the focus for stats then I don't see a problem with this.

DevolkgrathStratos1633d ago

Cause it tricks you to feel more powerful? lol But DCUO and GW1 both were easy to cap but they did offer tons of content and finding all Skills, Lore, and anything else on top of the stand alone Xpacks and DLC. Plus weapons have there own level from what the videos were showing.

Anyways what I am trying to say is don't count the game out cause of a low level cap, It may just surprise you

Volkama1633d ago

Probably because it is an intuitive way to gate and pace the the introduction of mechanics and content.

randomass1711632d ago

A lot of the game's mechanics have to do with finding guns and gaining abilities, kind of like Borderlands. That and I think they wanted players to be at an equal footing early in the game. That way the skill will come from the guns you find and how you use them.

DeadlyFire1632d ago

Because its an FPS. No Juggernauts will be allowed. Its all about balance. I am thinking its for the characters you have to be usable across the board for PVP as well as the Co-op and so on.

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Magicite1633d ago

so its not that much like borderlands after all, but who knows, theres still time left.

joab7771633d ago

Cuz its an mmorpg. They just wont say it. Its actually modeled after DCUO (and many others) it seems. Takes only 2-3 days to level cap at 30. Then its all about your gear level. Seems similar to Destiny. Now, if theres no sub, the content may model DCUO too, offering it as dlc instead of included patches. I guess we will see. Now, I am curious to see just how much end game there is and whether they will cap it in any way.

Destiny does have one advantage. Their PvP can will keep ppl interested for a long time in itself.

Ittoryu1633d ago

Not if, like me, you could careless for PVP and dont plan on playing it.

elninels1633d ago


I believe you are in the minority.

mcgetbusy1633d ago


So you do care a bit then. Or do you mean you couldn't care less?

DevolkgrathStratos1633d ago

I actually loved that model for DCUO and GW1 but until we see what endgame holds for PvE it really hard to pass judgement

Menkyo1633d ago

@elninels yeah cause games with PVP are always the most populated area. No there not most people will be busy find gear not fighting each other at least for a good while.

randomass1711632d ago

Wat? It's not an RPG, it's a shooter. And it's not an MMO, but it has MMO elements.

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DLConspiracy1633d ago

It's probably because they want it to be enjoyable by all. Just like Halo you have the same guns and it's all balanced. They were probably worried that it would take away from some of the enjoyment of other players. After all, it's still an online game. Just a guess.

zeuanimals1633d ago

Lots of games do this, well you don't normally max out within hours but the real game tends to start at max level. That's how every MMO is.

Baccra171633d ago

Not everyone loves to grind. Not everyone wants to wait a million years to be a badass, especially casuals. Easier for casuals to jump in and play while buying items from Activision, with no grinding to get in the way of your dude bro moments.

randomass1711632d ago

Instead they'll have to explore and find the guns and tools to make themselves a badass. I like the approach. Now we just have to see if Bungie can really make it work. I think they've got a good shot. :)

medman1633d ago

I really don't understand people's love of grinding away to "level up". I much prefer the dev showing me the way, giving me what I need right up front, and getting out of the way and letting me explore with the proper gear and weapons right from the get go.

3-4-51633d ago

This lessened my excitement for this game, but I still want to play it.

Sci-fi + Big Budget = yes please

dumahim1633d ago

That's a big deal breaker for me.

New gear is all well and good, but level progression is more interesting to me. I played a LOT of Borderlands 2 and it was mostly in the pursuit of better gear. But when did I have the most fun? When I was leveling up and getting new skills and abilities.

This will probably bring back nightmares from my EverQuest days when I'd play for years at the cap and played the game so much for the chance at getting a drop during a raid. Way too much time invested. And actually, even being at the cap they introduced Advanced Abilities that could further increase your power while remaining at the level cap.

I'd rather just kick back and enjoy the game on my time and if PvP and raids are the driving force for character improvement, count me out.

Gamer19821633d ago

Guild Wars 1 did the same and nobody complained about that.. In fact its one of the most successful free MMOs of all time.

Shnooze1633d ago

God I loved Guild Wars, never completed that damn Nox quest though because it was ridiculously hard!

SIX1633d ago

Because micro transactions. Instead of becoming more powerful through leveling up. They are going to sell you better armor. This has been happening with a lot of free to play games. It's the new business model.

Menkyo1633d ago

unfortunately I think you right.

ITPython1632d ago

Games like this during their beta stage always decrease the time needed to level up (or get other things) because they want to make sure everything is fully tested.

Plus they updated the article and somebody from Bungie said that it will take longer than 2 hours, but they want to make sure it won't feel like a grind.

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ironfist921633d ago

It sounds like Borderlands, except without the fun, personality, colour, and life.

So basically "bored-erlands"

salmon_slapped1633d ago

That kind of sucks. I was hoping it would take a little longer, but not to big of a deal since I was able to play borderlands 1 & 2 for a long time after i reached the level cap. As long as the content is there I don't believe it will be a problem.

PsylentKiller1633d ago

Borderlands is the reason I think they did it this way.

Unfortunately, I didn't get into borderlands until way after the second one released. When I tried to play, the people I paired up with were much higher levels than me. This made it difficult to play with them unless they joined my game. But then it would be really easy for them.

Reaching the level cap sooner and then searching for gear sounds much better but we will see how it works in real life when the game releases. I know this is a bad example but Ghosts is somewhat like this. Each character can only level up once. After that, it's all about getting points to unlock all the equipment.

amnalehu1633d ago

It actually sounds like a good idea to me.

serratos271633d ago

Yup, something different since it's focusing more on weapon looting. I'm definitely going to purchase this game then I'll just see for myself instead of conjecture.


This game just keeps killing the little "hype" i had

SuperLupe1633d ago

Except for the fact that Activision and the media are telling us to be hyped or else, I simply dont see what I'm supposed to be excited about.