Xbox Originals TV Is a Risk Microsoft Can't Afford to Take

Hardcore Gamer: Earlier this week, Microsoft detailed their Xbox Originals TV service, an Xbox-exclusive video service set to offer original video programming for Xbox One and Xbox 360 owners. The company is pitching new programs across the board: sports, music and even two projects based around their pride-and-joy franchise, Halo. It’s a big deal, especially with competition from not only other services like Netflix and Hulu, but their gaming rival Sony and their PlayStation 4. The listings are set and the visions are out, but it’s clear that Microsoft is taking a big gamble with Xbox Originals TV, a gamble where the risk is high and the plan is far too unstructured. This is not something Microsoft should be doing right now.

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ValKilmer1636d ago

Xbox anything is a risk Microsoft can't afford to take.

GarrusVakarian1636d ago (Edited 1636d ago )

Lol at everyone below me not reading the article. It's not talking about *financially* not being able to afford it, it means it in terms of affording to take the hit on their rep/image and whether or not it's a viable risk to take.

Calm down guys.

r1sh121636d ago

@Lukas_Japonicus - yeah lool.
MS can afford to lose many money, they have a bottomless wallet.

But from a PR? /Brand image perspective, they are pretty low right now - so it will not make a massive difference if its a shambles.

If you look at MS - they are at a low brand rating to gamers, not to the general public.
They are being embraced by business (Not win8, but win server 2012 etc), i mean even head of apple said IPad sales have increased due to the release of office Ipad.

Many people might not like Microsoft, but the solutions and software they have are very mature.

I know the whole cloud will improve xbone is very sceptical, which I agree with but I know for a fact Azure does a lot of remote processing for my company.
Gaming is quite different, its possible but the limiting factor is the users internet connection.

Back to the topic, MS have a low brand image - hopefully they do something about that..
Cough *remove mandatory kinect* cough

tgunzz1636d ago

N4G is running at full steam with the flame bate (which is not needed). The ps fanboys (separate entity) were punched pretty good last gen by xbots (separate entity), so they are in full pay back mode this gen. This addition is not, and shouldn't be looked at as a negative.... Both plats are hard at work on GAMES, and multimedia functionality....

dcbronco1636d ago (Edited 1636d ago )

I think the author should refrain from criticizing Microsoft for streaming original content by pointing out that 50% of console users are using them to stream TV. The people that criticize Microsoft for it would have no matter what they do. Especially when you add they he criticizes them for not just focusing on gaming by complaining about shows that don't appeal to a wider audience like House of Cards or Orange is the New Black. Hummm, odd.

1636d ago
k3rn3ll1636d ago

I dont know why people consider tv shows as taking away the focus of the game. Its run by a completely different dept. Down in la. All it is is a welcome addition. Just a bazaar and one sided article if I've ever seen one. Did people expect them to just back out of all the money they've put into this dept? Im sure most of the contracts for these shows were signed at least 4 months ago since they have been talking about this t.v. dept. They made. Plus how will it hurt their image if sony is going to dip their toes as well?

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Blaze9291636d ago

Yes, everyone knows whats best for Microsoft except Microsoft.

Magicite1635d ago

MS can AFFORD this risk, yet question is - is it necessary for them?

donnieboy1636d ago

I'm pretty sure they can afford it....

DanielGearSolid1636d ago ShowReplies(1)
DollMytee1636d ago

This article is pathetic and nothing more than the usual fuel for the retarded console war.

lifeisgamesok1636d ago

Who is this guy kidding

Microsoft and can't afford in the same sentence? lol

DigitalRaptor1636d ago


It's about their brand perception, not cash reserves.

MorePowerOfGreen1636d ago (Edited 1636d ago )

Why? It's troll fanboy rubbish. Trying to spin and downplay this service, is not worth commenting on its supposed context. Video services are popular on Xbox platforms so saying a revolutionary services will hurt Xbox is moronic at best.

Shows about the things gamers care about isn't going to hurt sh*t bro, this is why Twitch and Machinima are such huge failures :P

Shows that will probably be watching gamers and reacting or gamers being able to manipulate the outcome of show scenarios/characters with Controller, voice and/or motion is the reason folks are wasting their time damage controlling this, a services for the most part is very common.

What the fanboys are doing is trying to set a tone for the media to pick up to kill this service's appeal before it's even out.

Folks hate it because they know it's a good idea that could catch on big. This is the way TV should have been years ago. It's Sci-fi future sh*t. As a cable cutter I would pay for computer TV

I feel sorry for the animators and actors doing so many takes of slightly different, or a lot different things of the same show, they're getting paid though)

*yells Master Chief*

*I trust that Sangheili*

*Show generates a different outcome*

Zombie shows where you either try to get the cast hurt or save them by noise etc

DigitalRaptor1636d ago (Edited 1636d ago )

"saying a revolutionary services will hurt Xbox is moronic at best. "

Then I read the second half of your comment which is nothing but wild speculation about your personal Kinect fantasies that I've seen no-one at Microsoft even mention. Nothing. Not even a tweet.

And that's not moronic? Clue: it is.

"Folks hate it because they know it's a good idea that could catch on big. This is the way TV should have been years ago. It's Sci-fi future sh*t."

That's not even more moronic? Making up stuff that isn't even hinted at and calling it a trump card for Xbox? You either sit here typing out your comments with a huge troll smile on your face, or you are as delusional as they come.

JasonKCK1636d ago

it's standard N4G spin and damage control.

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